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  1. I am having trouble opening the comment section for “Nuts and Gum”, but if I could access it, I would probably thank you for the shout out and tell you,

    “You do your job pencilneck, don’t tell me how to do mine!”

    Man, I love that movie. I mean, it was no “Gremlins”, but still.

  2. Didn’t know where to post this but had to share it with someone. from a fairly unbiased rotowire.

    DeWitt was 2-for-5 with a triple and four RBI Wednesday in a 13-1 thrashing of the Marlins.
    Spin: DeWitt is now up to an impressive .279/.364/.397. That’s he’s doing this with very little upper-level minor league experience is quite impressive. DeWitt hasn’t homered in 68 at-bats, but he does have six extra-base hits and a fine 10:8 K:BB. How the Dodgers could ever turn back to Nomar Garciaparra (calf) as their regular third baseman is beyond us.

    RotoWire | Wed, April 30

  3. “Uhh, Mike, try to lift your arm”
    “Well, I’m afraid you have a case of acute radiation poisoning Mr. Scioscia”
    “Ha ha ha ha, no, by tomorrow you’ll barely be able to breathe”

    lol, best episode ever.

  4. It’s amazing how differently you look at Ken Griffey’s case of Gigantism in a post-Bonds world.

  5. lol that’s so true! I love the part with Don Mattingly.
    Mattingly: “Fine. I still like him better than Steinbrenner.”

  6. I like some of what you said, I like Ethier but all of the double plays just killed me and I believe he led the team. Ethier for a Buccholz, or danks … I like that but lets not stop there. I would still try and move Pierre but then it doesn’t need to be for a major league starter. I am on set on this player but something of this nature would be great. Brian Roberts from Baltimore, plays second was on the market last year switch hitter and can bat leadoff (just in case Furcal has another off year). Then you have 2 leadoff guys, manny batting 3rd, James Loney 4th, Kemp 5th, Casey Blake/Blake Dewitt playing 3rd, then your new Right fielder X. Paul or ???, then Martin/Lucas May, or ???. I am not opposed to a Russell Martin, James McDonald or ???,and Kuo for say Halladay and if needed add Blake Dewitt. Don’t get me wrong I like Russell Martin but he has dropped off the last couple of years in a row and the young pitching staff needs an ace. Kuo can’t seem to stay healthy but is tough, Blake Dewitt and Russell Martin would both be popular there and they would get a really good lefty reliever and a young right handed starter and we would have a staff ace to be followed by Clayton, Billingsly, Danks/Buccholz or ??? and then one of the young kids or a Ben Sheets with a incentive laden contract (if he pitches great if not no incentives) and I try to pick up the closer the pirates just non tendered. Then next year when Manny walks out the Door or maybe toward the trade deadline if the Rays are out of it I try and trade Manny for Carl Crawford and try to sign him to a long term. I think you would have a improved club for simular cost.

  7. I want to be the 1st to put it out here. I have been prospecting a young man from the state of KY. The boys name is John Fidanza, son of a former professional baseball player Yankees/Whitesox. Mr.Fidanza is a senior in Ballard HS is predicted to be in the running for Mr. kentucky. This boy has already committed to a big time top 20 college program. I am most impressed with his size, pop time, and most of all his arm! size,pop,arm its been years since I have seen a boy with all 3 of these hard to locate components. He is a self motivated worker. Has truly put in the work to get these results. I wanted to be the 1st to mention this boy. It is my personal feeling, I predict this boy to be a MLB catching stud. Reminds me of Scioscia in his youth. He is a must see. If you have the chance to be near the area of were he plays check him out. Its probably the best chance to get up close before he becomes untouchable. Coach Withers

  8. The treasure map of Kuo’s trip to the DL in ’09.
    Russ-O-Meter in ’10.


    Maybe one of those green chalkboards with crossed out numbers that reset that go “days workers have gone without injury” only something related to our atrocious bullpen.

  9. Just a suggestion, this site is great and is well written but i wish you could at least pretend like you were not the only person writing these stories. Dodger Blues used to be my favorite dodgers blog and it’s because he used to use the term ‘we’ a lot to show that there is a collective of fans who at least feel the same way. the way you write your blog it seems like you just want credit for calling the season right, or want to be able to say “i told you so”. Not that I will stop reading or anything, just how I feel.

    • There was once a time where I wasn’t doing this alone, but I am now. Why should I pretend otherwise?

  10. Um, are you the echo in my head? We are completely on the same page in just about every issue. Kershaw should have pitched a complete game last night and maybe against the Yankees. His arm is not falling off at 97 and 101 pitches. He has the type of arm and body size to hit 120-130 pitches every time.

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  12. When you have a guy like Charlie Haeger, remember the story of R.A. Dickey. He wallowed in relative obscurity since 1997 never posting an ERA/WHIP better than 4.62/1.47 in the majors. This year, for the Mets, he became their best pitcher, throwing 174 1/3 innings with an 11-9 mark, a 2.84/1.19 ERA/WHIP, 165 HA, and a 104/42 K/BB. This was like his days in Little League, I’m sure. One day, when the stars are aligned, and it may take a few years, when Haeger gets on one of these rolls, latch on to him. Just be prepared to let go at the first sign of trouble. Because like the strange case of the 36 year old Dickey, knuckle ballers follow no set of rules! After his 12 K day, earlier this year, Haeger became a very popular pick-up. I waited, of course, because, as quickly as that magic came, it just as quickly disappeared.

    George Hubschman

    • Charlie Haeger got dispatched to Seattle, the land of Frazier Crane and the original Milwaukee Brewers. I hear it’s the best pitcher’s park in the American League and that it rains a lot there. Maybe it’s a good thing that they have a dome. And here’s hoping that Charlie Haeger sees the inside of that park. I don’t mean as a fan, I’m not as mean-spirited as you guys!

  13. Hong-Chih Kuo, unfortunately, is made of glass. If he could ever be counted on to stay healthy, the Dodgers could investigate trading broxton and getting back a bounty! After all, Kuo, in 60 IP, gave up an unbelievable 29 hits with a 73/18 K/BB and a 1.20/0.78 ERA/WHIP. Those are Hall of Fame numbers. The Dodgers have a good back end of the bullp-en going with set-up man, former C, Kenley Jansen. He was also otherwordly giving up 12 hits in 27 IP with an 0.67/1.00 ERA/WHIP and a 41/15 K/BB. I know that this is nitpicking, but I’d like to see him cut down on his walks! George Sherrill, after a prosperous ’09, had a dismal ’10 and the Dodgers may want to upgrade with a situational LH. The best of that type include Arthur Rhodes, who’s been around since the last century and Scott Downs. Both are type-A free agents and would cost the Dodgers a draft pick. I also like young Josh Lindblom as a RP. Originally a SP, Lindblom has been on my radar since prior to the ’08 season. Should be an interesting off-season for the Dodgers.

  14. My opinion, if healthy, Kuo and Jansen could be the best back-of-the-bullpen in the N.L. in 2011. If you throw in Broxton, who should recover from his mysterious control problems and disappearance from relevance in the 2nd half, the Dodgers could make their games, 7 inning games. Like the Yankees in their hay-day. With the Dodgers array of starting pitchers, Kershaw, Billingsley, and Lilly coming back, the Dodgers could go with the old baseball axiom that pitching and defense wins games. Go ask the S.F. Giants!

    • When you see 2 guys (Kuo and Jansen) give up a total of 41 hits in 87 IP, with a 114/33 K/BB, that’s domination! Even in Little League, those would be great numbers. Broxton disappeared in the 2nd half but still finished with 73 K’s in 62 1/3 IP. It’s tough to do anything with Broxton because of the constant uncertainty of Kuo’s health and the fact that he (Kuo) shouldn’t ever go 2 days in a row! Broxton’s inexplicable loss of velocity will be tough to pick back up, unless he was hiding an injury. This country is about forgiving, if not so much forgetting, and Broxton should be given a clean slate to start the 2011 season. And, a short leash to match!

  15. I like that it looks like they can sign Kuroda for one season. I don’t really like the $12-mil price tag on a 36 year old pitcher who’s not known as a workhorse. I do like the one year deal. Everyone should sign a one-year deal like the late manager Walter Alston who, I believe, signed 24 of them. I have Kuroda in an NL-only at a keepable price so, selfishly, I’m glad that he re-signed there (it’s looking like a done deal).

    • Hey, for one year there isn’t much risk there, albeit, with any pitcher there’s some degree of risk involved. And, Kuroda will never be mistaken for C.C. Sabathia as a horse. But he is about 9 steps up on Erik Bedard, who could be a free agent if his mutual option ($8-mil) isn’t picked up by the Mariners. That could be a boulevard for the Dodgers to take. Investigating a cheap deal with incentives for the moribund Bedard. Padilla may prove too costly and it would be better using a AAA guy then going for $7 or $8 mil on a guy like Jon Garland.

      • I know that you guys are only kidding about Erik Bedard. He hasn’t pitched in 2 years and wasn’t the picture of health when he was something. At least with Jon Garland, you know what you’re going to get. There’s a lot to be said for a guy that will go out there every 5th day, every single start, every single year……you know what I mean. That doesn’t mean that I want to fork over 7 or 8 large for his services.

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