Learning Nothing About Masahiro Tanaka

January 10, 2014 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Masahiro Tanaka | Leave a comment

So here’s a thing that happened today:

Yeah! Give me all of the Tanaka! This multi-headed rotation monster can’t be stopped! The 2014 Dodgers are going to win 207 games and 14 World Series titles!

Oh, what’s that?

Got it. So basically, we’ve learned absolutely nothing new today. The Dodgers have interest in Masahiro Tanaka, as we already knew. They’re almost certainly going to offer him a ton of dollars, though we don’t yet know if it will be all of the dollars. And even if they do, it might very well come down to whether or not he prefers to be in Los Angeles or Seattle or Boston or New York or elsewhere.

So nothing’s changed, really. We’re about 30 minutes past there being two weeks remaining until Tanaka’s deadline comes due at 5pm ET on January 24, and you can be all but certain that you won’t know where he’s going until the very last minute… which again, we already knew.

This concludes your regular “disregard 99% of what writers tweet about teams or players having ‘interest'” update.


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