Josh Bailed

January 6, 2014 at 4:45 pm | Posted in Josh Bell | Leave a comment

I’ve been suffering through another Internet blackout — thanks, Time Warner! — so excuse the lack of posts over the last few days. Well, it’s that, but it’s also due to the simple fact that there’s so little going on in this frigid first week of January. It’s so slow, in fact, that this counts as news: Josh Bell has signed with Korea’s LG Twins. This matters only in the sense that last month, it had been reported that he’d returned to the Dodgers, years after he’d been traded away to Baltimore for George Sherrill. Bell never really was going to be anything more than organizational depth this time around — if even that — though he’s now out of the mix for Albuquerque’s third base slot. This has been your “it’s ungodly cold and we need something to update with” post of the day.

(And, of course, it should go without saying to check out Jon Weisman’s new “Dodger Insider,” which launched today, has already been pumping out solid content, and should be considered atop your must-read list going forward.)


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