Hoping For a Quiet Holiday

December 21, 2013 at 6:36 pm | Posted in Site news | Leave a comment


l’m guessing that — with the possible exception of Rakuten deciding to finally post Masahiro Tanaka — the next few days are going to be relatively quiet in the Dodger world, as players, agents, and management all disperse to spend holiday time with their families. (He says, knowing damn well those are famous last words.)

Though it seems like it’s been a slow off-season for the Dodgers so far, it really hasn’t. They finally added Alexander Guerrero after months of flirting. They returned Brian Wilson and J.P. Howell to what could be a very good bullpen while saying goodbye to Ronald Belisario. They added Dan Haren to the back of the rotation in what looked like a reasonable deal at the time, and seems even moreso now. They filled a Juan Uribe-sized hole at third base with, well, Juan Uribe. I think a lot of fans get it into their heads that deals which happen during the Winter Meetings are somehow more notable, but really, they aren’t. This roster didn’t have a ton of holes, and the ones they had have largely been filled, other than the bench, and there’s time enough for that.

It’s with that that I prepare for an early morning flight to the in-laws by saying happy holidays to you and yours. For the next few days, we’ll have season in review pieces auto-posting at 12pm ET (I hope!) daily, while you all count down the moments to the giant move that inevitably happens while I’m away, because that’s always what happens.

In the meantime, a special thanks to the great commenters on this site — and particularly KMT, who pulled it all together — for sharing the following gift. That ball was caught in the stands in San Diego on June 22, also known as the day 2013’s ridiculous streak got started, and traveled thousands of miles back and forth across the country to collect as many signatures as possible. Very cool, and very appreciated.



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