Dodger Third Base Situation Isn’t Getting Brighter

December 14, 2013 at 10:41 am | Posted in Juan Uribe, Michael Young | Leave a comment


Juan Uribe still hasn’t made a decision, and now reports have surfaced that the Rays had interest in him as a multi-positional type. I imagine Tampa is out of the mix now that they’ve agreed to bring back James Loney (for three years!), but it still doesn’t ensure that Uribe is coming back to the Dodgers, and the more I hear about the team’s frustration at how drawn-out this is getting, the more I believe it.

Unfortunately, the alternatives haven’t changed, and the rumors that pop up are frustrating at best. Kevin Youkilis? He wants to play on the West Coast, and most of the other West clubs are set at third, but his agent has reportedly not spoken to the Dodgers, at least as of a few days ago. Eric Chavez? Potentially a decent platoon option, though he’s garnering some interest as a bench player from several teams. Daniel Murphy? I don’t love him, and his third base experience is limited, but there’s something to the idea of sending a not-Zach Lee or Ross Stripling pitching prospect if things get desperate.

Things might just be getting to that point, since we’re now seeing things like this appear:

(Buster tweeted that at 3:18am pacific, which is exactly when Michael Young-related discussion should happen.) We heard something similar from Dylan Hernandez a few days ago, but I’m not ready to panic about it… yet. As usual, the rumor-related caveats apply; I’m not suggesting that I don’t believe Olney or Hernandez, just that it could be A) the Dodgers doing due diligence B) Young’s agent attempting to make other teams believe someone actually has interest in his client C) a tactic designed to apply pressure to Uribe to decide or D) all of the above.

Until Uribe actually signs somewhere, I’m not going to lose any sleep over the mind-bending thought of Michael Young, starting third basemen. If Uribe does sign in Chicago or Miami or wherever? Well, then I might be driving around the country trying to track down Reed and Lee and whomever else and trucking them down to San Diego for Chase Headley. (Joking. I think.) For now, it’s just more of an annoyance than anything. The season doesn’t start for another 99 days, and it’s not particularly important on what day the situation is resolved. It’s just important that it’s not Young when the first pitch is thrown in Australia.

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