No News Is Good News

December 11, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Matt Kemp, Winter Meetings | Leave a comment


The Dodgers have been painfully quiet this week, and that’s raising the angst of a lot of fans, wondering why Ned Colletti is “sitting still” while the Diamondbacks go out and “improve their team”. (There’s not enough air quotes in the world around that last part, of course, because if anything, trading Adam Eaton and Tyler Skaggs for Mark Trumbo is good news for the Dodgers.)

You can completely understand that. This is the week things were supposed to happen, and so far nothing has happened. You want new players to analyze, old issues to get resolved, and something fun to discuss.

But really, it seems like that isn’t going to happen. Nor, probably, is a Matt Kemp trade, since the team apparently told Dave Stewart, Kemp’s agent, that they had no plans to trade him. (A conversation which Stewart was not supposed to have repeated publicly, since he had to go on 710 and publicly apologize for it. Whoops!)

I think we all felt that a Kemp deal was unlikely, for all the reasons we’ve discussed a million times, but this really doesn’t make it less likely, does it? If the Mariners called ten seconds after Colletti spoke to Stewart and started panicking and said that they’d send James Paxton and Mike Zunino and Taijuan Walker and eat every dollar of Kemp’s deal — which I should not have to tell you is an offer that wouldn’t happen on this planet or any other — you better believe that Colletti’s conversation be damned, Kemp would be on the move. That wasn’t likely to happen before. It’s not likely to happen now. Nothing has changed. (Although I did enjoy Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski insisting they’ve never even had a discussion about Kemp, contrary to the accounts of certain breathlessly reported Michigan reporters.)

With the possibility that something happens tonight, the Dodgers are likely to go home tomorrow without anyone new. Honestly, nothing that even happened this week affected the team that much, so far as we know publicly. The Trumbo three-team deal didn’t include players the Dodgers may have wanted or teams they match up with; Bartolo Colon, Logan Morrison, and Corey Hart, three players who moved today, never were considerations. The Nationals acquiring lefty reliever Jerry Blevins from Oakland might take them out of the J.P. Howell stakes, but it might not.

Kemp remains a Dodger. So does Andre Ethier. Juan Uribe remains a complete unknown. Only one of those things is likely to change soon, and while that’s not particularly exciting, remember that A) it may seem like Dan Haren has been a Dodger for five years already, but that was only a few weeks ago, and B) I’d rather be bored than terrified my team was going to give $60m-$80m to Nelson Cruz or eight years to Shin-soo Choo. The Dodgers will fill the holes they have. Whether that happens on December 11 or January 11 or February 11, well, it doesn’t matter all that much to me.


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