The Uribe Of Reckoning Is Near

December 10, 2013 at 11:43 am | Posted in Juan Uribe, Winter Meetings | Leave a comment


If the Dodgers don’t get David Price or Masahiro Tanaka, that’s fine. They still have enough starting pitchers to get by without them..

If they don’t move Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp, also fine. Having four outfielders isn’t the end of the world when two can’t hit lefties and most of them can’t stay healthy, and Joc Pederson hasn’t even seen Triple-A yet.

But if Juan Uribe doesn’t return, then that opens up a pretty big can of worms, because as we’ve discussed, the third base market is just a barren wasteland out there. And as the second day of the Winter Meetings gets going, it’s feeling like a resolution for Uribe is imminent. We know the Dodgers have put out a few offers to him and might be getting impatient on his reply; we’ve heard that both the Marlins and White Sox want him as well.

Since so little happened on Day One, as teams got themselves settled in Orlando and started making the rounds, Day Two is when thing generally get going. (The Tigers already picked up Rajai Davis this morning.) It’s not like Uribe is a top-level free agent — that is, there’s not a huge range of years and salary he can really ask for — which means there’s not likely to be a ton of negotiating left. So while this is just a gut feeling, it sure does seem as though Uribe will be signed and sealed somewhere very soon. If that’s not the Dodgers, then this offseason just took a very interesting turn.


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