Robinson Cano Gets All The Years For All The Dollars

December 6, 2013 at 11:34 am | Posted in Robinson Cano | Leave a comment
This man is exceptionally wealthy. (via)

This man is exceptionally wealthy. (via)

It’s rare that we veer from Dodger-related news to talk about other baseball stories, but Robinson Cano leaving New York for ten years and $240 million in Seattle, well, that counts. (And as many have pointed out, Washington has no state income tax, which makes this deal worth approximately nine billion dollars.)

It’s the kind of move that rocks the sport, for so many reasons. When have the Yankees lost an in-his-prime player over dollars? (I have no idea.) When has giving ten years to any player ever worked out? (Never!) How many free agents will the Yankees sign to make up for this? (All of them!) And perhaps most importantly, what is Seattle going to do next?

That’s the part that makes this so interesting to the rest of us, because the Mariners lost 91 games last year. Their front office is clearly in “save our jobs” mode, and the only thing dumber than giving out $240 million to Cano is doing nothing else at all and merely losing 86 games next year. Sure, they have Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Kyle Seager… but they also have a ton of holes.

So prepare for some further hilarity out of the Pacific Northwest. Maybe the rumored Taijuan Walker and others for David Price trade actually goes through. They’ll almost certainly give Nelson Cruz or Carlos Beltran some absurd amount of money.

And… how can we work a Dodgers component in here? Well, Seattle has long been a rumored destination for Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, and talks for Ethier were reportedly pretty serious last season. It’s clear the Mariners are going all-in, and they need at least two outfield bats, if not three. No, the Dodgers aren’t going to get Seager back — why would the Mariners move a young, cost-controlled player who they can’t easily replace? — but you can dream on pitching prospect James Paxton, or young second baseman Nick Franklin, who no longer seems to have a home. (Or Dustin Ackley if you must, but he hasn’t been interesting in quite a while.)

Most likely, nothing happens between the Dodgers and the Mariners. But today’s events make such a move slightly more likely, and even if it’s not with Los Angeles, Seattle’s going to do something just as crazy — perhaps soon.


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