Brian Wilson Returns: Welcome Back, You Big Weirdo

December 5, 2013 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Brian Wilson | Leave a comment


Per Tim Brown of Yahoo, the news we’ve been expecting for a few days: Brian Wilson will return to the Dodgers for $10m in 2014. He also has a player option for 2015, reportedly between $9m and $10m depending on appearances. As we’d heard before, he’s fine with setting up for Kenley Jansen, and the Dodgers are likely the only place he would have returned to without a guarantee of closing.

At first glance, I’m relatively pleased with this. I think. Obviously, the Dodgers badly needed another bullpen arm after non-tendering Ronald Belisario, and for a while I thought for sure some team would go nuts and give him a three year guarantee for like $30 million. So to get him for a single guaranteed year is a nice win, even if it’s more likely than not he’s exercising that second year too.

$10m is probably a lot for a guy who has been healthy for about two months of the last two seasons, especially when you think that maybe Jim Johnson or Edward Mujica could have been had for that much or less. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that he strengthens the bullpen, and I think we keep forgetting just how ridiculous the new Dodgers are. Would it have been better for $6m or $7m or $8m? Sure. Is it really going to prevent them from signing someone else? No, not really.

So from a baseball sense, the roster is stronger with him than without — and maybe this prevents Ned Colletti from getting desperate later and throwing three years at Grant Balfour just because he doesn’t want to be without someone. The money isn’t great, nor is it terrible. I can live with that.

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