It Was A Good Day

December 3, 2013 at 11:18 pm | Posted in 2014 | Leave a comment

ball_flyingSo… anything happen today? The Yankees gave Jacoby Ellsbury all the money for all the years, and the Rockies signed Justin Morneau for no particular reason, and they also traded Dexter Fowler to Houston for even less of a reason, and the Padres gave up on Luke Gregerson for a platoon outfield bat, and the Marlins actually signed a major league player, and the Red Sox have to suffer A.J. Pierzynski, and the Tigers gave two years to a 39-year-old closer, and former Dodger farmhand Rob Rasmussen got traded for the 17th time, and the Rays picked up Ryan Hanigan & Heath Bell, who are now going to be good because they’re Rays, and some mystery team wants to give 3/$48m to Carlos Beltran‘s AARP years, and the Mariners really think they can get Robinson Cano and isn’t that adorable, and the A’s traded for old friend Josh Lindblom and think they can make him a starter, and that all comes after the Tigers inexplicably traded Doug Fister for party favors yesterday while the A’s went and got Jim Johnson, and…

…and breathe. Seriously.

After one of the most insane offseason days in baseball in a long time — who the hell decided December 3 was the new July 31? — one question I’m hearing is, “hey, where are the Dodgers in this?” 

The Dodgers are in the best possible place to be right now: the sidelines. While you can understand the urge to get in on the excitement, you look at what’s happening, and you think to yourself, “hey, maybe having a talented roster that doesn’t need an exceptional amount of work is a nice place to be.” It’s better than giving money to Morneau or Wil Nieves or Bell, anyway, or worrying about how much money Ellsbury just made.

Really, the biggest news around the team today is the rumor that they may be close to bringing back Brian Wilson on a one-year deal (!), which if true, would be phenomenal. It would have been great at the end of the season; it’s an even better thought now.

We know this isn’t going to last, of course. The “trade an outfielder” thing will never go away, and third base is still a hole, and Masahiro Tanaka still looms, and you know damn well that Edward Mujica or Fernando Rodney or someone is going to arrive for far too much money. But there’s not a single guy on that list who I really wanted the Dodgers to get other than Fister, and he barely even counts because “ugh, I wish my team had given Detroit the same deal” is something that every single other club in baseball would probably also say.

Moves will be coming. Whether they happen on December 3 or 15 or January 7 doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference. For today, I’m glad it stayed quiet in our neck of the woods.


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