Tony Gwynn, Matt Wallach Among Dodger Minor League Free Agents

November 5, 2013 at 4:46 pm | Posted in Tony Gwynn | Leave a comment

tonygwynn_number1It’s that time of the year where it’s technically the offseason — free agents are able to sign as of today — but it’s not, really, because no one big ever signs this quickly. That means that anything, even otherwise unimportant minor league minutiae, counts as news. Today, “minor league free agents” fall under that category.

The wonderful Matt Eddy of Baseball America explains the rules…:

Each of these players, plus 544 others, are no longer bound to their organization by contract renewals—the Uniform Player Contract grants six renewal years—and have no successor contract in place for 2014.

…and shares with us the Dodgers list:

RHP: Juan Abreu* (AAA), Angel Castro (AAA), Kyle Cofield (AAA), Blake Johnson (AAA), Anthony Ortega (AAA), Matt Palmer (AAA), Mario Santiago (AAA), Daniel Tamares (Lo A), Luis Vasquez (AAA), Sean White (AAA)
LHP: Kelvin De La Cruz (AAA), Thomas Melgarejo (AA), Jonathan Sanchez (AAA)
C: Eliezer Alfonzo (AAA), Damaso Espino (AAA), J.R. Towles (AAA), Matt Wallach (AA)
1B: Sean Burroughs (AAA)
2B: Rafael Ynoa (AA)
3B: Brian Barden (AAA), Pedro Guerrero (AA), Ryan Mount (AA)
OF: Matt Angle (AAA), Tony Gwynn Jr. (AAA), Jeremy Moore (AAA)

Not a lot of surprises or anyone we’ll miss, of course. Eyeballing this, no one here ever played in the bigs for the Dodgers other than Gwynn, who didn’t appear this year, though several of these guys have had experience in the big leagues before. Remember when we all liked Moore last spring? Or how Ynoa briefly garnered some buzz after the Arizona Fall League? Or how worried we were when Sanchez signed? Some of these guys may return, but most won’t, to be replaced by a slew of other equally forgettable names to fill out rosters.

As you can see, it takes a bite out of the depth chart, though that will get filled in soon enough by signings and promotions.


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