NLCS Game 6: Cardinals Lots, Dodgers Less

October 18, 2013 at 11:37 pm | Posted in 2013 NLCS, Clayton Kershaw | Leave a comment

Well, that was horrible. I mean, really, truly horrible. It was awful, atrocious, unbelievable, terrible, whatever else you want to call it to the point that I have absolutely no interest in breaking it down. Other than “Dodgers bad,” what can you really say? What a complete letdown and disaster from every angle.

Clayton Kershaw suddenly forgot how to miss bats, and Don Mattingly seemed to forget that the rules of baseball allow for relief pitchers after it became clear Kershaw wasn’t going to figure it out. (The strike zone was lousy, yeah, but it was like that for both teams all series.) Every ball the Cardinals hit, it seemed, found a hole. Mark Ellis couldn’t play defense. A.J. Ellis really couldn’t play defense. Even if they could, Michael Wacha and friends held the Dodgers to two hits, and one was merely a first-inning single by Carl Crawford that he barely beat out.

And yes, as you’ll surely read, Yasiel Puig had a pretty rough night on defense. Other than the fact that the first poor throw was nearly as much on Adrian Gonzalez as it was him, his other two errors were deserved. I won’t pretend otherwise. I also won’t pretend as though it really was more than an incidental side note to the game, because, well, you know. Just keep that in mind when fools go overboard on it.

2013 really was a great year, you know. We should probably remember that, and I’ll have something to say about that tomorrow. Tonight? Bottoms up, or whatever helps you forget this game ever happened. Numb the pain. That was awful.

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