Report: Dodger Hats Just May Look A Little Different Next Year

October 14, 2013 at 9:11 am | Posted in uniforms | Leave a comment

Let’s take a break from NLCS panic — and yes, I did see Bob Nightengale’s report about Don Mattingly, but I haven’t considered Nightengale a reliable source about the Dodgers in a long time — in order to briefly entertain ourselves with something wildly less important.

Last week, Uni Watch — your home for all the nerdiest uniform minutiae — posted a story from a tipster that I honestly found uninteresting and quickly glazed over:

I’ve been told that all MLB hats will be switched to the “Diamond Era” BP cap material next season and that the current Authentic Collection caps will be discontinued. I do not yet know if this means all the hats will be imported (as all the BP caps currently are) or if a percentage will be still USA-made, but the visual difference will likely be jarring, since the Diamond Era caps have a textured fabric.

Okay, so? Here’s today’s follow-up:

Regarding the change of cap fabrics for next season, Source No. 2 says one team is definitely on board for that — the Dodgers — with a second unnamed team close to pulling the trigger. But contrary to what Source No. 1 had told me, Source No. 2 says there’s no indication yet that it will be an MLB-wide thing. I’ve done some additional checking to see if I can figure out which source is right (or if neither of them is right), but so far no dice.

If true (these are unconfirmed reports, as indicated, though Paul Lukas has a good track record when it comes to these things), the change could actually be quite distinctive, as you can see in this comparison shot I put together using images from Hatland:

dodger_hats_texturedI don’t know if the “LA” would actually be outlined in blue as you can see here, but the different texture can clearly be seen. For the record, though I consider the top (current) to look far better, I find them uncomfortable to wear because they are inflexible and the crown sits too high; I have owned a BP cap similar to the bottom one and far preferred it. Of course, I’m not going to be the one wearing it, and I’m not exactly excited about how the texture change is going to look on the field.

Again, nothing confirmed or certain here, just an interesting tip to pass along. You may now resume your regularly-scheduled playoff panic.


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