The NLCS Starts In About Six Hours. Remember The Last Time That Happened?

October 11, 2013 at 2:08 pm | Posted in 2013 NLCS | Leave a comment

In a little more than six hours, the NLCS will kick off in St. Louis, as Joe Kelly throws the first pitch to Carl Crawford. (Probably. We haven’t seen the lineups yet.)

When he does, it’ll be another step forward in what’s been an amazing turnaround for this organization, not only for the 2013 team on the field — 30-42 to a billion games up and one successful playoff series already in the books is pretty nice — but for the franchise as a whole, considering how far they’ve come since the Guggenheims purchased the team approximately 18 months ago. The roster has been reworked, the stadium has been improved, and the fan base has been revitalized.

You know all that already, but it’s really hitting home for me today, right now. Why? Because hours before this NLCS gets started, we’re complaining about why Edinson Volquez and Carlos Marmol are both on the roster, and wondering how the Dodgers will do against a starter in Kelly who succeeds despite the lack of just about everything that goes into being a successful pitcher.

We’re talking about baseball, and that’s relevant because the last time the Dodgers made it into the NLCS, back in 2009, do you remember what we were talking about hours before Clayton Kershaw threw the first pitch to Jimmy Rollins?


Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie, the team’s chief executive, have separated, raising questions about the potential effect of their rift on the ownership of the franchise as the Dodgers prepare to start the National League Championship Series against the Philadelphia Phillies today at Dodger Stadium.

“This is a personal matter and they request that their privacy be respected. They will be making no public statements,” they said in a release issued by the club late Wednesday.

At the time, we were uncertain yet nervous about what that would lead to, but we certainly had no idea that it would end up with years of embarrassing court battles, Joe Torre actually needing to clarify that working for the team wasn’t “a living hell”, dozens of humiliating sins against the team and fans, and several seasons of understaffed, underfunded mediocrity.

So yeah, in the hours before the 2013 NLCS gets started, complain about the lefty situation in the bullpen all you like. Trust me: This is much, much better than the alternative.


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