Dodgers @ Padres Sept. 20, 2013: Edinson Volquez, Because Why Not

September 20, 2013 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Game Threads | Leave a comment

petco_park_opener2013Imagine if the Dodgers hadn’t played poorly over the last two weeks, and had actually managed to clinch the NL West prior to the final game in Arizona. What if they did this on Wednesday night, and still had the Thursday finale to play? Would we be seeing an all out beanball war? Would former hero and current cranky grandpa John McCain show up to angrily shake his fist while yelling at those damned kids to get off his lawn, er, out of his pool?

Instead, the Dodgers are safely out of Arizona and into San Diego, where 15,000 people will sleepily wander into their gorgeous ballpark in a gorgeous town and realize they have to put up with watching Edinson Volquez, yet again, and a Dodger lineup that’s almost certainly no more than 40% populated by guys who will actually be playing when the postseason gets moving in October.

Why do I say “almost certainly” rather than, you know, actually display the lineup? Because it’s my birthday, dammit, and I think we’re all spent after yesterday’s fun. That game mattered, this does not. And speaking of “games that don’t matter,” that’s where I am, off at Yankee Stadium watching formerly-great CC Sabathia against formerly-great Tim Lincecum. Who to root for? Since I’m there, the usual “meteor” isn’t going to work for me. It’s almost like there’s no right answer. Let’s just go with “beer”. It’s the only safe choice.

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