Coors Field Will Haunt You From Beyond the Grave

September 14, 2013 at 11:01 am | Posted in Andre Ethier | Leave a comment

(That picture isn’t from Colorado, but I love it and have wanted to use it for a while.)

It’s a well-known — I don’t know, I was going to say “meme,” but can that even be accurate when it’s basically true? — fact over the last year or two that Coors Field is the worst ballpark in baseball history, and I say that with no trace of hyperbole whatsoever. Sure, there’s the majestic views of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, but there’s also the endless 14-13 games and the walls that seem to enjoy killing star Dodger outfielders, to the point that it’s basically ruined Matt Kemp‘s career. (Yasiel Puig hurt himself there in July as well, don’t forget — and have we already forgotten Kelly Wunsch twisting his ankle on his final warm-up pitch before entering a game in 2005 and then never appearing in the bigs again?)

Now, you might be wondering why I’m bothering to bring this up, since the Dodgers are safely back home after leaving Colorado last week and won’t be visiting there again in 2013. Apparently, the power of Coors Field knows no bounds, because it can still take down Dodger outfielders long after they’ve left the state. After Andre Ethier left last night’s loss to the Giants with a sore ankle after hitting a double in the eighth, we learned how he’d originally injured it:

Ethier said he believes he twisted the ankle swinging at an inside pitch in Colorado, apparently on Sept. 3, as he was out of the lineup Sept. 4 against left-hander Jorge De La Rosa but had one at-bat after being inserted into the game in the seventh inning.

He started the next five games, sat out Wednesday night’s game against Arizona when the ankle tightened and returned to the lineup Thursday night.

Of course he did. From hell’s heart, Coors Field stabs at thee. Lord, I hate that place. The Dodgers don’t make their first trip there in 2014 until June… let’s see if we can avoid any Colorado-related injuries before then, okay?


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