Dodgers 5, Phillies 0: Clayton Kershaw is Everything

August 17, 2013 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Clayton Kershaw | Leave a comment

kershaw_glove_newyork_2013-04-23I think the best thing about a team that’s playing like this team is right now is that even though they did pretty much everything they could to shoot themselves in the foot on the basepaths today, the outcome never really seemed to be in doubt. The Dodgers hit into four double plays, while Juan Uribe, Hanley Ramirez & Yasiel Puig all got themselves thrown out while trying to reach third base, and none of it mattered. Clayton Kershaw is just that good. (Also, the Phillies made three errors and are just that bad. But still.)

Kershaw took a no-hitter into the fifth inning against a woefully overmatched Phillies club before finally allowing a single. Once again, however, Kershaw more than made up for it by doubling in Uribe with the second run of the game, his fourth extra-base hit of the season. By definition, Kershaw made it to second base with that double, and I bring that up not to be obnoxious, but to point out that he did as much on offense than the entire Phillies team; only one Philadelphia bat made it past first base.

Kershaw’s ERA is 1.80 (!), and, oh, Uribe crushed a three-run homer. The fun just never seems to stop around here, does it?

That’s the tenth straight win for the Dodgers, and 42 wins in their last 50 games. If you say you’ve seen anything like this before, you’re almost certainly lying; if you actually do remember the 1942 Cardinals, well, thanks for reading blogs at an advanced age. Ricky Nolasco attempts to continue this insane streak of wins in games that barely seem to matter any longer in the series finale against Cole Hamels tomorrow.


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