Poll: Who Will Be the Dodger Second Baseman In 2014?

August 12, 2013 at 11:00 am | Posted in Mark Ellis | Leave a comment


Mark Ellis had himself quite the nice game last night, and thinking about it overnight, it felt like he’s had more than a few big hits lately. The stats back that up; over the last 30 days, he’s hitting an excellent .347/.390/.507. That’s of course pretty far off his season line of .280/.325/.378, and he’ll probably end the season at about one win over replacement. While it’s obviously incredibly premature to think about it in the midst of the great run this team is on, Ellis’ little streak and the recent news that Chase Utley has taken himself off the free agent market does make you wonder if this changes opinions about the incumbent’s status for next season.

Do you want to pay an additional $4.75m (his option is for $5.75m, but there’s a $1m buyout he’s getting regardless) to keep Ellis around for another year, despite advancing age, mediocre offense, and near-guaranteed missed time due to injury? Do you want to massively overpay Robinson Cano? You don’t really think Dee Gordon can hit or field in the bigs, I imagine? Is it a problem that Rafael Ynoa might be the best second base prospect in the organization? How much weight is there to the rumors about Howie Kendrick or Daniel Murphy? No one really expects that Andre Ethier is getting traded for Ian Kinsler, right? Whatever happened to Alexander Guerrero, anyway? Otherwise, the free agent options for second base next year are perilously thin.

Who will be the LA 2B in 2014?
Mark Ellis
Robinson Cano
Dee Gordon
Rafael Ynoa
Alexander Guerrero
Howie Kendrick
Daniel Murphy
Ian Kinsler
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So as a fun and far-too-early exercise before the Dodgers welcome the Mets into town tonight, who is playing second base next year? (I resisted the urge to include “whoever is hitting second” as an option, since I know that would have been the overwhelming winner.)


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