Remember When Ned Colletti Couldn’t Stop Trading With Tampa?

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I know that Dodgers / Rays is suddenly a big series, big enough that FOX and ESPN have each picked up games this weekend, seeing it as a possible World Series preview. I should probably talk about David Price on the mound tonight against Chris Capuano and his silly peripherals, but when we’re seeing a team for the first time in six years — and welcoming them to your park for the first time ever — well, I can’t help but look at the limited history between them.

Of course, when you think of Dodgers / (Devil) Rays history, you don’t think of the six games they split in 2002 and 2007… you think of the four trades they made in just over two years between 2004-2006. That includes gems like…

Antonio Perez for Jason Romano!

This one wasn’t Colletti, but remember that very brief time in 2005 when Perez actually looked like he might be decent because he hit .297/.360/.398? Sure, that required totally ignoring his stone glove or the fact that the ’05 club was so awful that it made him look great by comparison, but still. He was then packaged with Milton Bradley to Oakland after the season, hit .102 in 109 plate appearances, and never played in the bigs again. He’s been out of baseball entirely since 2009. The Dodgers got some guy out of that deal, not sure if he worked out though.

Danys Baez and Lance Carter (shudder) for Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany!

Man, that one still hurts. This is, I believe, one of the very first deals that Ned Colletti made as Dodgers general manager, coming on January 14, 2006, about a month after sending Perez and Bradley north for Andre Ethier. In other news: yes, Colletti has been in charge for well over seven years at this point. We bemoan the loss of Jackson, though the larger crime was probably bringing him up at age 19 in the first place. (Ah, Lance Carter, forever to be doomed to being included in the question of “wait, was it Lance Carter or Lance Cormier who came from Tampa and sucked? Oh, it was both? Okay then.” Also, I thought Tiffany was really going to be a star. Shows what I know.)

Toby Hall and Mark Hendrickson for Dioner Navarro, Jae Weong Seo, and Justin Ruggiano!

Man, that 2006 team was fun. (Well, “fun”.) After starting the season with Navarro and the corpse of Sandy Alomar behind the plate, Russell Martin came up and Alomar was eventually replaced by Hall. Hall, unhappy with being a backup, requested a trade just weeks after arriving, then was non-tendered the same day as Jayson Werth. Oh.

Julio Lugo for Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza!

I think this is the genesis of the theory that even though Colletti trades away lots of prospects, he usually trades away the right ones. Remember how highly thought of Guzman was when he hit .297/.341/.540 with 23 homers as a 19-year-old shortstop in 2004? He washed out of Double-A with the Orioles in 2010 and has been playing mostly internationally since. Lugo, meanwhile, was supposed to provide depth in the middle infield since Jeff Kent and Rafael Furcal were banged-up (shocker), but ended up being unhappy and unproductive on the bench, leaving after the season. His loss led to a compensatory pick that was used to select Jon Adkins, who was cut in 2011, so that really went nowhere.

That last one came at the 2006 trade deadline, and there hasn’t been a deal between the two since, though several players have ended up playing for both teams, like J.P. Howell and James Loney.


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