Cardinals 5, Dodgers 1: Can’t Win ‘Em All

August 6, 2013 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Clayton Kershaw | Leave a comment

kershaw_2013-07-02The Dodgers just lost their first road game in literally one full month, and I’m wondering how it is I’m supposed to react to that. The offense struggled against Joe Kelly, which isn’t totally surprising without Hanley Ramirez, and Don Mattingly bunted the team right out of some opportunities, which isn’t totally surprising because it’s Don Mattingly. (I kid, somewhat, because these bunts came with Nick Punto and Clayton Kershaw, so let’s be realistic there about the likelihood of hits happening if they’d swung away; on the other hand, bunts are the worst, especially ones that come with men on second base and no outs. Never bunt, kids.)

Then Brandon League threw away any chance the team had to come back by allowing eighth-inning homers to Carlos Beltran and Matt Adams, which again, not surprising, because Brandon League.

Kershaw was fine up until the fifth inning when he let two score on three hits and a groundout, but ultimately allowed two runs or fewer for the 18th time in 24 starts. He has just 10 wins in those 18, and those are actually his only 10 wins on the season against seven losses. That’s what happens when you get the fifth-lowest run support of any starter, as he did entering today, and I’m only even mentioning his 10-8 mark because we’ll need to remember it when he doesn’t win what really ought to be a third straight Cy Young award.

After 15 straight road wins, the run is over. It was going to happen sometime, I suppose. Might as well have happened in St. Louis.


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