Dodgers 3, Cubs 0: Yasiel Puig is Just Everything

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We should probably talk about Chris Capuano showing his good side, taking a shutout into the seventh inning, or Brandon League getting two outs on four pitches, or that Carl Crawford actually had three hits and drove in two of the three Dodger runs. We should, but Yasiel Puig exists and can’t go more than four-and-a-half seconds without doing something just unbelievable, so here we are.

Here’s how insane Puig’s day was — he tried to bunt in each of his first two plate appearances, which is really all but unforgivable, and that’s not even what we’re going to be focusing on. Puig didn’t get the bunt down his first time up and he eventually managed an infield single to deep short; the second time, he did, and easily beat out the throw because he’s the fastest man on earth.

That’s how he ended up first base in the third inning when Andre Ethier singled to right, allowing Puig to blow past second and right to third base, then strike the total “DEAL WITH IT” pose you see above when the ball got away. Puig ended up scoring the game’s first run on a Jerry Hairston single, but he was only getting started.

In the bottom of the same inning, Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija popped a ball down the right field line, and there’s absolutely no way to describe this with words so let’s just go with “Puig bouncing a ball off the wall back to himself dot gif backslash WHAT point WOW”:

Since the ball bounced off the wall, it was ruled a foul ball, and Samardzija ended up popping out. Still, that’s about an 80 on the “focus” scale and is the kind of thing that ought to be played on highlight reels during rain delays until the end of time — just like the infamous “Tommy Lasorda getting nailed by a bat” thing we’ve all seen a million times.

Piuig then struck out in the bottom of the fourth with the bases loaded — see, it’s not all good — and then walked (!) in the bottom of the sixth. Yet he still wasn’t done, because in the seventh, Starlin Castro came up, lined a ball to right field, and…

…yet another amazing defensive play, though a pretty ugly one when you see how hard his face hits the ground and the angle at which his left wrist and/or thumb turns following the catch. Puig stayed in to finish the inning, then was replaced in right by Skip Schumaker.

After all of that, the afternoon actually turned into a game when Ronald Belisario & Paco Rodriguez combined to load the bases with two outs in the eighth, though Rodriguez managed to get out of it when Wellington Castillo helped him out a bit by striking out on ball four. Kenley Jansen got through the ninth without issue, but of course we’re all primarily waiting to hear word on Puig’s condition.

That’s now 30 wins in 37 games, and 13 straight road victories for the Dodgers, setting a new franchise record. They still haven’t lost on the road since July 6, and they’re now 11 games over .500.

You’d think winning every day would be boring, but: nope! Especially not with Puig around doing the things he does. We’re seeing all sorts of things we’ve never seen before, friends.


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