Brian Wilson, Los Angeles Dodger

July 30, 2013 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Brian Wilson | Leave a comment

brian_wilson_parrotI think we all figured this was coming at some point, and now it really is — according to Yahoo’s Tim Brown, Brian Wilson has agreed to a minor league contact with the Dodgers.

We went over all of this yesterday, and my feelings really haven’t changed. Wilson was at one point a very good reliever, and the risk here seems minimal. It’s not even a major league deal so far as we know (update: it is), and Bob Nightengale reports that the deal is only for the remainder of the season. Wilson will of course start in the minors since he hasn’t pitched competitively since April of 2012, as Brown adds that he’ll report to the team complex in Arizona, then head off to Single-A Rancho Cucamonga, then “report to the Dodgers in two weeks,” though I have to admit that feels aggressive considering how long he’s been on the shelf.

So what we’re really looking at here is a shot in the dark that probably won’t even be relevant until just before rosters expand in September. If the end result here is that Wilson looks good over the final month and is the reason that Carlos Marmol or Jose Dominguez or whomever doesn’t end up on the playoff roster, that’s fine by me. If he’s not productive, or if his presence in the clubhouse is somehow an issue, then you get rid of him.

Because really, this is about what I hope Ned Colletti doesn’t do rather than what he does. If this means that Zach Lee isn’t getting sent to Cleveland for Chris Perez, wonderful. If this means that Joc Pederson isn’t part of some sort of package deal to acquire Bobby Parnell, fantastic. I get the argument that the Dodgers have been just about unstoppable recently and the addition of someone known for rocking the boat may not be the ideal solution, but then, when have we ever expected “ideal” from Colletti?

The need for relief help is real, and without giving up talent they’ve managed to take a two-month flier on a reliever who was once very good, though admittedly not since 2010. Feels like a worthwhile risk to me, even if it makes you feel all uncomfortable on the inside — and when Colletti inevitably signs him to a three-year deal this winter if he does well down the stretch, well, that’s an entirely separate decision than this one. As much as I hate to say it, and as weird as it’s going to be the first time he takes the mound… this is a pretty defensible move without a lot of downside as far as I can see.

(You may thank “TheConman” for that terrifying image up there.)


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