Everyone Saw Ted Lilly Get Run Over the Other Night, Right?

June 8, 2013 at 11:28 am | Posted in Ted Lilly | Leave a comment

Over at ESPN Insider this week, I wrote about how teams should be wary of trading for Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, because for as great as he is at just 23, he’s had a long and concerning string of injuries. I attributed part of that to his massive size, noting that only three players in history aside from Stanton have been listed at 6’6″, 240 pounds (or more) and managed even 300 career plate appearances — Frank Howard, Adam Dunn, and Kyle Blanks.

That’s notable mostly so I can point out how enormous Blanks is, and then direct your attention to what happened in the fourth inning of Tuesday night’s game:

Blanks flattened Ted Lilly like a pancake; seriously, Lilly goes flying, while Blanks is barely even slowed. It took me all of about three seconds — which is approximately how long Lilly remained in the game after this, getting lifted just three batters later — to make this joke:

…and now we have this from Ken Gurnick:

Dodgers left-hander Ted Lilly will be scratched from Sunday’s start against the Braves because of a chronic neck disc issue. He most likely will be replaced by Triple-A Albuquerque’s Matt Magill, although the club has not made any announcement

Looks like 0.00004% may have been optimistic?

It’s probably not fair to say that Lilly’s injury is entirely related to Blanks, because it’s not the first time this year we’ve heard about neck soreness from Lilly, and he is of course so fragile at this point that he makes a stale saltine look like an unbreakable six-foot thick piece of steel. But this goes back to our ongoing question about why this team gets hurt so much — it’s not all the trainers, because it can’t be — and if this hit did have something to do with it, even though it was clearly unintentional on Blanks’ part, that’d be the second time this season a Padre outfielder has knocked out a Dodger starter by running him over.

Someone keep Will Venable away from Clayton Kershaw the next time these two clubs meet, okay?


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