Hanley Ramirez Leaves With Injury, Sky May Or May Not Be Falling

May 4, 2013 at 12:30 am | Posted in Hanley Ramirez | Leave a comment

ramirez_injured_2013-05-03I was going to wait until the end of the game for this, because Clayton Kershaw had a no-hitter going through 5.2 innings — in addition to the only run scored by the Dodgers after inning upon inning of wasting leadoff men reaching base — and it seemed like there was an outside chance that might be the story of the night.

It’s not. In the top of the sixth, Hanley Ramirez led off with a walk and attempted go first-to-third on an A.J. Ellis single. I’m already seeing people saying that it was a stupid move, and maybe it was, but in a one-run game on a team that has proven it can’t hit, showing a little aggressive baserunning every now and then isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Ramirez might have actually beat the throw if he’d made it into third at full speed… which he clearly did not, coming up holding his left leg and limping badly off the field.

No word yet on the severity of what’s termed a “hamstring injury”, but it certainly didn’t look good, and I’m really not sure what to say at this point. This team can’t seem to go more than 48 hours at a time without someone getting injured, and while you can bash the trainers all you like, I also think we can’t be completely surprised that a roster full of guys like Ted Lilly, Mark Ellis, Chris Capuano, Carl Crawford, & Chad Billingsley keep getting hurt. Of course, toss in freak things like Zack Greinke‘s collarbone and the fact that all of this has happened within about five weeks, and you start to wonder if curses are real. Forget the payroll — this is just beyond the pale.

With Adrian Gonzalez & Ellis both out, the infield in the late innings tonight is Jerry Hairston / Nick Punto / Justin Sellers / Luis Cruz. Just how you drew it up, right? At the least, this should force the team to shake some roster decisions loose before tomorrow’s game; after Ramirez went down, only Ramon Hernandez & Juan Uribe remained fully healthy and active.

Oh, and it’s a 1-1 game in the seventh inning after Kershaw lost the no-hitter and Matt Kemp gunned down Buster Posey at the plate. But as yet another Dodger game looks to crawl far past three hours, that feels almost like an afterthought compared to what may be coming.


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