Nothing But Bad News From the Brawl That Injured Zack Greinke

April 12, 2013 at 9:54 am | Posted in Zack Greinke | Leave a comment

greinke_injured_sandiego_2013-04-12It’s kind of a running joke in the Dodger online community that whenever anything newsworthy or exciting happens, Hawaii-based Chad Moriyama will inevitably be asleep during it, then wake up six hours later to find out that James McDonald was traded for Octavio Dotel, or whatever horror it happened to be.

Last night, punished by work, I went to bed early in what looked like a routine 2-0 Dodger game. When I woke up, it was to an apologetic email from one of my groomsmen and about 30 tweets that looked roughly like this:

And so here I sit on a rainy morning, apoplectic that I missed Juan Uribe‘s pinch-hit go-ahead homer, giving him the team lead with two. Or the fact that Hanley Ramirez tweeted my GIF of his dugout celebration from the other night. That is all I missed, right?

Sadly, it’s much more than that, and I feel like I don’t need to give anyone the play-by-play of the brawl that ended with Zack Greinke fracturing his left collarbone, because I’m sure you’ve all seen it dozens of times by now. Carlos Quentin alluded to past history between he and Greinke, but the idea that Greinke is really throwing at a guy on a full count in a one-run game is so insane that it’s barely even worth considering. If anything, I might have preferred Greinke not driving his shoulder into the angry 240-pound man running full speed at him, but that’s that’s obviously said with the benefit of video replay, hardly something you can expect in the heat of the moment. Adding insult to incredibly serious injury, Vin Scully had noted earlier in the game that Greinke’s wife and family were in the stands for the game. (By the way, suggestions I’m already seeing that A.J. Ellis or Adrian Gonzalez were somehow at fault for not getting there quickly enough to stop Quentin: no. Stop. Just stop.)

Obviously, Quentin is public enemy #1 in Los Angeles — and not the good, Clayton Kershaw curveball kind — and I know many people are getting a kick out of Matt Kemp barking at him in the tunnel after the game. But as Dodger fans, we’re of course incredibly biased. That being the case, it’s nice to see that fans of other teams are all piling on Quentin this morning. Not, unfortunately, in the way that a half-billion dollars of baseball player piled on Grienke, however.

Even Padres blog Gaslamp Ball can barely spin this in a San Diego way:

If you think that a single pitcher hitting a single batter three times over the course of their careers is excessive (or you’re a Padres fan), then maybe you’re on Carlos Quentin‘s side.

If you’re the kind of person that figures it’s a 3-2 count in a 2-1 game and maybe it’s not necessarily the opportune time to hit a batter because you don’t like him then you’re probably figuring Zack Greinke is out for a really ridiculous reason and that reason is an angry Carlos Quentin.

So what now? Greinke returned to Los Angeles rather than going on with the team to Arizona, where we’ll find out if this is an injury that’s going to be measured in weeks or months. We’ll now get to have the ever-so-fun “Ted Lilly or Chris Capuano?” conversation. And in three days, the Padres come to Los Angeles on Jackie Robinson Day, potentially with Quentin in the lineup if he appeals the suspension that’s inevitably coming. The official Dodger account, anyway, is ready, even if I’m not sure I am.



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