Just In Case You Needed A Reminder Not To Believe Everything You Read This Time of Year

December 19, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Andre Ethier, Ronald Belisario | Leave a comment

Jon Heyman, CBS Sports:

Nick Swisher may be dreamin’ of L.A. but it’s not happening.

Swisher might have to readjust his sights and think about Cleveland. The Dodgers aren’t trading Andre Ethier to make room for him.

Danny Knobler, also of CBS Sports:

But sources familiar with the discussions say the Dodgers have at least talked about the idea of trading Andre Ethier and signing Bourn to replace him. Bourn would play center field, with Matt Kemp moving to right field.

So there’s that. Two national writers from the same outlet, one saying that there’s almost no chance that an Ethier trade could happen, the other saying that it’s being discussed. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? The answer, as always: 99% of what you read this time of year in the media is untrue is one way or another.

Like I said the other day, I think an Ethier trade is unlikely, but it’s far from non-zero, and there’s a compelling argument to be made to deal him for upgrades elsewhere — no, you’re not getting a star or stud prospect for him with that contract, but even a slick-fielding shortstop that could doubly improve the defense by moving Hanley Ramirez back to third, even if it hurts the offense, could be a start — and then move to sign Bourn or Swisher or trade for Mike Morse. I’m not saying I would do it, because the free agents would sign a pick and because I think Ethier just needs to be used more effectively, but there’s a case to be made.

Either way, we haven’t heard the last of this, and we won’t until all of the other outfielders are spoken for — no matter what the national writers say.


Oh, and then there’s this, presented without comment…

I… ah… wow.


and this:

Reliever Ronald Belisario, on his best behavior with the Dodgers last season, has not fared as well back home in Venezuela this off-season.

His Winter League team in Margarita said Belisario would not play for the rest of the season because of disciplinary reasons.

Please, Ronald not this again. At the very least, not something that would further motivate Ned Colletti to overpay for Chris Perez or Joel Hanrahan or Bobby Parnell.


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