Report: Dodgers Close to Signing Zack Greinke

December 8, 2012 at 5:13 pm | Posted in Zack Greinke | Leave a comment

Going to be honest here: the wife and I are in the midst of throwing a holiday party, so this is going to be brief. About three hours ago, I heard news that the Dodgers were getting close to signing Zack Greinke for 6/$150m. Not being able to independently confirm it before the party started, I kept it to myself until I saw someone else break that they were close, then I chimed in on Twitter to add the years and dollar value. About fifteen minutes later, reporters from ESPN, Yahoo, & the LA Times chimed in with the same report, so now I’m sure I’m right. (I said $150m, Dylan Hernandez says $145m, so we’ll see who is right.)

If this is true – and I need to caution heavily that it’s not done yet, though what I’m hearing says it’s be a shock if it falls through – it’s fantastic news, and not just because it saves us from the horror of Kyle Lohse. $150m is a hell of a lot of money, but after what we’ve heard over recent weeks, it’s far less than we worried it might be. (And while I don’t have time to find the link right now, I’m 97% sure I predicted 6/150 weeks ago.)

Much, much more to come…


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