Winter Meetings, Day Three: The Calm Before the… Calm?

December 5, 2012 at 8:50 am | Posted in Winter Meetings | Leave a comment

The Winter Meetings technically last through tomorrow, but to be honest, the final day barely counts. After the Rule 5 draft, everyone splits town as fast as possible, and little actually gets done.

That makes today the last “real” day for activity before the traditional post-Meetings lull, and so far we’ve heard a ton of talk but little in the way of real movement, at least for the Dodgers. (Well, okay, I have enjoyed watching the Giants spend $78m on Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro, & Jeremy Affeldt, nearly as much as seeing the Red Sox give three years (!) to Shane Victorino.) It’s been so slow that I find myself desperately hoping the reported-but-in-no-way-going-to-happen four team mega deal involving Arizona, Cleveland, Texas, & Tampa Bay that could find Justin Upton, Asdrubal Cabrera, James Shields, Mike Olt, or Elvis Andrus finding new homes actually happens, just to have something to talk about.

For the Dodgers, their needs haven’t changed. They need two starting pitchers, a veteran reliever (preferably lefty), left-side infield depth, and a righty outfielder who can play center field. They’re not going to fill all those needs this week, but I’m still hoping they find movement on at least one today. (The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of trading Dee Gordon and something else – a starting pitcher, maybe? – to Seattle for Kyle Seager, who can have Alex Liddi step in.)

Zack Greinke remains the big prize, and I believe the reports which indicate that it’s down to either the Dodgers or Texas. When you compare the two… well, who knows what Greinke is thinking, but the Dodgers would seem to be a preferable landing spot, right? They’re clearly not going to be outbid, and they offer a better ballpark for pitching, a team clearly doing everything it can to win, the opportunity to hit and avoid the DH, the chance to pair with Clayton Kershaw in the rotation, and would allow Greinke the chance to remain in Southern California, which he reportedly enjoyed during his time with the Angels. Texas doesn’t take as big of a cut as California does in income taxes, which affects the dollars slightly, though I’m guessing that’s not going to matter much; it may come down to Greinke being interested in working with Mike Maddux & Nolan Ryan.

Still, the Dodgers badly desire Greinke, and I think they’ll get him. For my part, I really hope they do, and not just because of all the obvious reasons we’ve discussed previously. If they lose him to Texas, Ned Colletti is going to feel pressure to obtain a partner for Kershaw somewhere else, and there’s no more dangerous Colletti than a desperate one.


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