Dodgers Bid Farewell to Two Pitchers And Oh Good Lord Something Please Happen Already

December 5, 2012 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Winter Meetings | Leave a comment

So long, Joe Blanton. He was never coming back to the Dodgers and I’ve already nearly forgotten he was ever on the team, but now he’s officially moving on, signing with the Angels for 2/$15m, which is pretty reasonable for a durable average-ish starter.

So long too to Randy Choate, who signed a deal with St. Louis so ludicrous I can barely bring myself to type it out. Three years! For a 37-year-old journeyman situational reliever! That’s the world we’re living in, apparently, though I absolutely cannot parse how Choate got three years while the far superior Sean Burnett managed only two with the Angels.

When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?

You’ve probably noticing that we’re in the midst of the third (and essentially final) day of the winter meetings and here we are talking about the departures of two veteran pitchers who were incredibly unlikely to return. We’re doing that because… it’s… that… slow. Things are moving glacially, because Texas doesn’t want to move on Josh Hamilton until Zack Greinke is resolved, and the other pieces aren’t going to fall into place with the best hitter & pitcher on the board. That leaves us in this dreadfully empty territory where we’ve barely even heard a poorly sourced rumor all day.

Not quite what we expected, right?

Now, that could very well mean that there’s something huge about to drop at any moment. That’s always possible, but I’m guessing this isn’t getting unstuck soon. That’ll make for a few infuriating days for the rest of the week until we’re guaranteed at least some semblance of news this weekend, when Hyun-jin Ryu likely signs before his 2pm PT Sunday deadline. Who knows, maybe the increasingly loud Dee Gordon rumors will lead to something too. Or maybe they won’t. And for now? Well, Mark Saxon says they’ll likely pick up a non-roster catcher or two to compete with Tim Federowicz and zzzzzzzz… sorry, I just bored myself.

Anyway, when Randy F’ing Choate (and Jeff Keppinger too!) can get a three year deal, it makes it seem like we have absolutely no leg to stand on when judging potential demands from Greinke. Six years? Eight? A puppy driving a Maserati full of supermodels, who are all also carrying puppies? Choate pitched like 14 innings a season and just got three guaranteed years. For a guy like Greinke, how can you say no to anything at this point?


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