Winter Meetings, Day Two: Much Ado About Nothing

December 4, 2012 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Winter Meetings | Leave a comment

So after all the buildup to the winter meetings… things have been really, really quiet today. Unless you’re a Boston fan, of course, in which case – enjoy three years of Shane Victorino, guys! Things have reached the point where Ned Colletti is telling people that he doesn’t expect to have Zack Greinke or much of anything else complete before the end of the meetings, and while I don’t really think they’ll end the week having accomplished nothing, I do believe it’s possible the Greinke talks could drag on.

To other news of the day…

* Hyun-jin Ryu receives and rejects an offer.

Snooze. I have to be honest, I’m having a hard time getting invested in this. Everything Scott Boras says is merely posturing – I’m pretty sure “having Ryu play in Japan” isn’t even a thing that can happen – and no one should hate on him for doing it, because he’s the best at what he does. If anything, I’m somewhat surprised at the amount of people who heard this news and assumed that means Ryu is definitely not coming to the Dodgers; far from it. As I’ve said, the only way I see this deal not getting done is if the Dodgers somehow come out of the meetings with Greinke and James Shields or R.A. Dickey, and that’s incredibly unlikely. Boras wants a short deal so Ryu can reach free agency quickly, the Dodgers want to keep him under team control for as long as they can, so my guess is that when this is settled, it’ll be for something like 4/$32m.

* Skip Schumaker: for when having employed Aaron Miles & Nick Punto isn’t enough!

Ken Gurnick notes that the Dodgers may have interest in the soon-to-be 33-year-old Schumaker, who has spent the last eight years in St. Louis transitioning from “outfielder” to “starting second baseman” to “2B/OF hybrid”. He’d solve the problem of finding a backup for Matt Kemp in center, and while he’s not really a good second baseman, the fact that he’s a lefty with a huge platoon split would make him a good partner for Mark Ellis, who just cannot hit righty pitching. Schumaker’s under contract for $1.5m in 2013 so he’d need to be traded for, but there is this fun fact: his .310 wOBA matched that of Victorino’s in 2012. Ha!

Gurnick also adds that there’s some interest in Eric Chavez, coming off a good season for the Yankees. I wanted the Dodgers to sign him prior to 2011, and while he’s constantly battling injury, he’d make for an interesting addition to the 3B/1B mix.

* People are still interested in Dee Gordon.

This is potentially hearsay, but Scott Miller of CBS says that the Dodgers are getting a good deal of interest in Gordon, with Seattle being among the strongest suitors. That’s interesting to me because I’ve always felt that if the Dodgers were going to trade Gordon, it’d be as a piece in a deal for a Dodger target, not because someone else was targeting Gordon. (If that makes sense. Reading it now, it may not.) Assuming we’re all bright enough not to even mention the name of a certain pitcher, it’s an odd fit. The only Mariner who piques my interest even a little is third baseman Kyle Seager, brother of Dodger prospect Corey, but the worst-hitting team in baseball probably doesn’t want to trade one of their only decent bats to import one of the weakest hitters around. I’m not sure I see this one going anywhere.

* Should the Dodgers want a catcher?

I love A.J. Ellis and you all know that, but there’s reason to want to make sure that he’s a little more well-rested than he was in 2012, where he clearly wore down at the end of the season, and I don’t have a ton of faith in Tim Federowicz. So when I see Peter Abraham tweet this…

It gets me thinking. The Sox tried to acquire Chris Capuano at the end of 2011, and right now their rotation after Jon Lester & Clay Buchholz is… John Lackey, Franklin Morales, and Felix Doubront. Gross. Yet after signing David Ross & Mike Napoli (who will play mostly first base, though perhaps not exclusively) to go with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ryan Lavarnway, there’s clearly a surplus. A fit? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

* And finally, if you’ve made it this far…

Sorry, no specifics on this one, because I can’t independently verify it. I am reasonably sure the Dodgers are making progress on a trade for a veteran American League non-closing lefty reliever. That’s not the same as saying this will happen, of course, and it very well may not. Just something fun to chew on. No, I won’t tell you who if you guess.

More tomorrow!


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