2012 Dodgers in Review #3: C Tim Federowicz

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.333/.500/.333 4pa 0hr 0.1 fWAR (inc.)

2012 in brief: Four mere September plate appearances make me regret doing a post on each player just three reviews in.

2013 status: Under team control and is expected to get the chance to fight his way onto the big league roster in spring training.


I suppose if there’s a surprise about Tim Federowicz‘ season, it’s that we didn’t see him until September. That’s less about him and more about the shocking fact that despite all of the debilitating injuries we saw in 2012, the untested A.J. Ellis and the old-and-busted Matt Treanor happened to be the only two hitters who managed to make it through the season unscathed. (Though Treanor did hurt himself on the next-to-last day of the season, which may be the only reason why Federowicz even got that lone start.)

Really, Federowicz’ year, his first full season in Triple-A, was largely meant to be a test of whether he could handle the expectations that were suddenly placed upon him when Ned Colletti dealt Trayvon Robinson for Federowicz, Stephen Fife, and a low-level pitcher. In that, I’d say the results were mixed. He did hit .294/.371/.461 with 11 homers while making the PCL All-Star team, and his defensive reputation remains solid, as Chris Jackson asked De Jon Watson about in July:

Q: Where do you see catcher Tim Federowicz standing right now in his development?

DJW: “Defensively he’s definitely made some major strides especially as far as blocking the ball and managing the running game. Offensively the approach is still evolving. He has to get more consistent, trust in the fact that he can go into that right-center field gap. Once he gets that, he’s so quick on the inside it’ll be a reactionary thing for him.”

Ned Colletti followed up with a few somewhat cryptic quotes to Steve Dilbeck earlier this week:

“We have much more confidence in him than we did a year ago,” Colletti said. “Not that we didn’t a year ago, but his experience is vastly greater.

“When we acquired him, he had not played triple-A baseball. He’s farther along in his career and we’ve noticed a change. Even though he didn’t play much this month, we noticed a change.”

Yet it’s hard to analyze any Albuquerque player without checking into his home/road splits, and for Federowicz, they were more than a little troublesome:

Home: 230 PA .350/.415/.569
Road: 236 PA .245/.331/.370

Considering that all of the reviews of Federowicz after the trade and prior to the season painted him as a good-glove, very-questionable-bat type, I don’t see a whole lot here that’s changed. I don’t doubt that he can play in the bigs defensively, yet he seems to be a backup or a second-division starter at best with the bat. That’s still a player with a little bit of value, I suppose, though not really someone worth getting excited about.

I still think he’s likely to take Treanor’s job next year, and that’ll be fine if so. Yet it’s also not too hard to see the Dodgers getting another veteran alternative to take some of the load off of Ellis and leave Federowicz as a depth option in Triple-A. It’s hard to say that Federowicz has forced his way to the bigs just yet, and it’s not like the disappointing seasons from Chattanooga catchers Gorman Erickson & Matt Wallach demand that they be moved up a level right now either.


Next up! Hopefully the last time we ever have to talk about James Loney!


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