Dodgers @ Nationals September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Game Threads | Leave a comment

Note: Mike’s on his honeymoon until September 28! Enjoy this auto-published post and help pray that some giant breaking news didn’t drop minutes before this fun yet otherwise fluffy post went up. 

Oh, hey. It’s my birthday, but since I’m off in Spain right now and in fact writing this days in advance, I can tell you that the chances are far, far greater that I’m holed up in a Mallorcan bar drinking red Spanish wine right now than I am watching the first pitch of this game.

51 years ago today, the Dodgers played their final game in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving into Dodger Stadium in 1962. The fact that they’d never play a regular season game there again is in no way the most memorable moment from that game, however; it’s that Sandy Koufax threw an unbelievable 205 pitches over 13 innings in a 3-2 Dodger victory over the Cubs. It was one of 13 times Koufax collected 28 outs or more on his own, and it remains to this very day the last time a big league pitcher was allowed to throw more than 200 pitches. Two. Hundred. Pitches. To me, it’s less incredible that Koufax’ career was over at 30 than it was that he even made it that far in the first place. It also makes me realize that as I turn 31 today, Koufax’ career was over at this point in his life. I am old.

One year ago today, Clayton Kershaw became the first Dodger 20-game winner since Ramon Martinez. Pitcher wins haven’t become any less stupid in the last year, but 20 is still a mark that will never stop being meaningful, even to my cold, jaded heart.


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