2013 Dodger Schedule: Baltimore, In April!

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2013 news: MLB has released the preliminary schedule for next year today, and while that’s usually a snooze, this year it’s interesting because with Houston’s impending move to the AL, we’ll have a 15/15 split and interleague play every single day for the first time.

One of the other big changes this year is something called “Prime Rivals” week, where teams play their assigned main rival four days in a row, from May 27 – 31. In the case of the Dodgers, that’s obviously the Angels, but it’s odd because it’s a split home-and-home, with the first two being in Dodger Stadium and the last two being in Anaheim. That’s the only time they’ll see each other next year, down from the usual six games, and it’s a Monday-Thursday series.

Further details on interleague play from the press release…

For the first time, Interleague Play will be spread throughout the regular season and several other notable American League teams will visit Los Angeles during the 81-game schedule, including the Boston Red Sox from Friday, Aug. 23-Sunday Aug. 25, the Angels on Memorial Day May 27 and May 28 and the Tampa Bay Rays from Friday, Aug. 9-Sunday, Aug. 11. The Yankees played at Dodger Stadium in 2004 and 2010, the Red Sox made their only trip in 2002 and the Rays have never been to Chavez Ravine.

For their road Interleague dates in 2013, the Dodgers will travel to Camden Yards (April 19-21), Angel Stadium (May 29-30), Yankee Stadium (June 18-19) and the Rogers Centre in Toronto (July 22-24). This season will mark the Dodgers’ first game in the Bronx since winning Game 6 of the 1981 World Series at Yankee Stadium on October 28, 1981. The two-game series will also be the first-ever regular season matchup between the Dodgers and Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

Ever think you’d see the Dodgers playing in Baltimore in April? Yeah, me neither. While I’m excited to finally see the Dodgers finally visit Yankee Stadium – a trip which is long since overdue – I’m more than a little disappointed to see that it’s merely for a two-game, midweek set.

That said, 26 of the final 29 Dodger games next year are against NL West (there’s also three against the Reds), so for this team at least, there’s no worries about interleague play ending the season while you’re in a playoff push. That includes their longest road trip of the season, a ten-game swing through Arizona, San Diego, & San Francisco before returning home for a season-ending three game set against Colorado. That could change in future years, of course; in 2013, that honor will go to Detroit & Miami. The Angels & Reds are the lucky two to kick off the season with interleague play.

In addition to the even leagues and additional interleague play, the new schedule promotes more of a balanced format within divisions. Teams play their divisional opponents 19 times (was 18), other teams in their league 6 or 7 times, and 20 interleague games, up from 18. For the Dodgers, that breaks down like this:

NL West games (76)
19 vs ARI
19 vs COL
19 vs SDP
19 vs SFG

NL non-divisional games (66)
7 vs ATL (4 home / 3 road)
7 vs CHC (3 home / 4 road)
7 vs CIN (4 home / 3 road)
7 vs MIA (3 home / 4 road)
6 vs MIL (3 home / 3 road)
6 vs NYM (3 home / 3 road)
7 vs PHI (4 home / 3 road)
6 vs PIT (3 home / 3 road)
7 vs STL (3 home / 4 road)
6 vs WAS (3 home / 3 road)

Interleague games (20)
3 vs BAL (road)
3 vs BOS (home)
4 vs LAA (2 home / 2 road)
4 vs NYA (2 home / 2 road)
3 vs TBA (home)
3 vs TOR (road)

The only teams the Dodgers will not face in the regular season next year are the four non-Angel teams in the AL West, including not facing Houston for the first time since 1961, and the five AL Central clubs.


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