Dodgers Lose Yeah Whatever Over It

September 9, 2012 at 8:16 pm | Posted in Joe Blanton | Leave a comment

I like this photo of tonight’s game, from jackace, because I can’t tell what Dodger it is. Good. They don’t deserve names.

I don’t want to recap tonight’s game. I really, really don’t. So I’ll say this: yes, Joe Blanton is crappy, and no, it doesn’t make the tiniest bit of difference if the offense can’t touch Barry F’ing Zito, who threw 6.1 scoreless innings while allowing just four hits. Would it really have mattered if it was Clayton Kershaw who lost 1-0 instead of Blanton losing 4-0? Of course not.

I have to be honest, this game was so unwatchable that even though I had it on throughout, I’d largely zoned out by the 7th inning, when I looked up and was shocked to see that the Dodgers had somehow brought the tying run to the plate by loading the bases for Shane Victorino – after twice-DFA’d Bobby Abreu had, shockingly, looked terrible in striking out. (Okay, that, and I was focusing on going completely overboard by writing 1160 words about A.J. Ellis tomorrow. He reached three times tonight. A.J. Ellis is awesome.)

If there was a chance for this game, it was then. If there was a chance for Victorino to redeem what’s left of his reputation among Dodger fans, it was then. But no: Victorino flied out weakly to left, which is basically all you’d expect from him, and you’d have missed absolutely nothing had you turned the game off right then and there, which I know many did. (Other than the debut of Steven “Paco” Rodriguez, which was pretty fun, even if it did only last for three pitches.)

I’m not entirely sure why the scheduling gods built in days off before and after this series, but thankfully, mercifully, they did. I’m just not sure I can take another game right now.


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