This Might Be The Best Thing Javy Guerra and James Loney Do All Year

February 13, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Posted in James Loney, Javy Guerra | 37 Comments

Very few people believe that Javy Guerra is really going to hold off Kenley Jansen and hang on to the closer’s job all season long, and as we discussed earlier today, expectations for James Loney are all over the map. By July, he could either be in the All-Star Game or in the minors, and neither one would surprise me in the least.

Yet absolutely none of that matters today, because we’ve been lucky enough to receive this gift from the lords of high comedy: Guerra & Loney photobombing celebrities and randoms at the Eastbound & Down premiere party. What’s that, you say? Loney popping up behind random girls doesn’t do anything for you? How about Guerra photobombing Marilyn Manson, of all people – twice?

Frankly, if the shot of Guerra leaning around the pole (#2 in the set) hasn’t become a widely-known Photoshopped meme by morning, we’ve all failed.

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  1. How in the heck did you get your hands on such awesome content?!?!

    Those were hilarious! I had no idea Javy was such a clown.

  2. That is classic. Reminds me of a story that Joe Torre told about Loney. He was at first base and Larry Bowa was trying to give him a signal to move over to his left. Loney pretended not to see him and Bowa starting to wave his arms frantically. Loney took two steps to his left and started to laugh as Bowa was about to erupt.

    • Anything that makes Larry Bowa angry is a plus in my book.

      • +1

        • +8 million

  3. This just might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Guerra’s face in half these pics is just priceless.

  4. Guerra might become my favorite Dodger, regardless of his on-field performance.

  5. Loney and Guerra just became my two favoritest Dodgers!

  6. That pic of Guerra is hilarious! I really hope that pic works its way in here at random times throughout the year.

  7. I love Guerra!! He just became my new favorite player!

  8. You could tell just from watching games that Guerra has a really fun, lively personality, which is an interesting contrast to Jansen’s cool demeanor. Even when he saves big games, Jansen hardly breaks a smile even while Kershaw is jumping all over him.

  9. My favorite one is the sixth one.

    • Without question, that face is priceless.

  10. ” What’s that you say? Loney popping up behind random girls doesn’t do anything for you?”


    ” How about Guerra photobombing Marilyn Manson, of all people – twice?”


    • Why do you hate fun?

  11. Ready for the crazy meaningless psycho-babble? Loney is going to crush it this year because he’s finally acting like a star. Irresponsible car crash, inexplicably getting off the hook with no punishment whatsoever. Then he goes out and gets another brand new maserati, then he photobombs a whole party. This is the year, he’s gonna be an all-star or be in rehab, or both.

    • I’m just glad he’s holding water in the photos, not because I care if a 27-year-old guy has a beer now and then, but just to avoid the inevitable whining from idiots.

  12. What is Marilyn Manson doing at the East Bound and Down premiere party?

    • haha … I thought that was Lincecum … wait, was that a joke? I really can’t tell the difference.

      • LOL!

  13. I hate the Dodgers being a Giants fan, but holy christ is this awesome!

    • Then why are you reading this if you are a Giants fan?

      • I read baycityball and mccoveychronicles sometimes. Fun to get a different perspective.

        • Me too. Plus Grant at MCC is a fantastic writer.

  14. “Frankly, if the shot of Guerra leaning around the pole (#2 in the set) hasn’t become a widely-known Photoshopped meme by morning, we’ve all failed.”

    — My gosh, this is hysterical. Wonder what the first caption will be…

  15. The best thing Loney & Guerra will do this year is win the World Series. Go Blue!

  16. How about hee seop choi at 1b

  17. Surely one of these will be Guerra’s Topps card this year.

  18. I know your post was a bit tongue in cheek, but does Loney actually have minor league options remaining now that he has 5 years of MLB service, which i think only applies to outrights and not options? I don’t think he ever used up his 3 options, but unsure of the rule for major league veterans.

    • Options get used up with time on the 40 man roster.

  19. Javy Guerra…Each time I saw him on tv or at the Ravine I was impressed. But I always wondered about the ‘book’ hitters have on pitchers and how they with email, tweeting and God knows. It never reached the Lg. did it!!?? Having Jansen as a fall back guy is sweet…
    Loney this and Loney that..I just want him to get back to 90 RBI’s and put up a wall at 1B..God knows we’ll need him with Dee manning SS…

  20. Add Kosuke Fukudome to the list of players that I would rather have than Rivera. Sox are paying 500K for some walks and defense. That aint bad at all.

    • Fuko probably delivers more bang for his buck than Rivera at their respective prices, but the Dodgers already have Gwynn; I’d rather have Rivera, who might possibly somehow potentially add some power, than Fuko.

  21. These photos have me feeling better about the upcoming season. Go, Javy!

  22. […] MSTI: I don’t know where he found this, but this is definitely the best thing Javy Guerra and James Loney do all year even if they finish 1/2 in the MVP race. […]

  23. I want Guerra to turn into Dennis Eckersley now. Holy shit that was awesome.

  24. […] know, prior to the season I joked that photobombing the Eastbound & Down premiere party would be the best thing that James Loney & […]

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