And Then There Were Eight…

January 28, 2012 at 8:46 am | Posted in Juan Pierre sucks, Ryan Theriot | 39 Comments

Well, in theory. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that “at least eight” bidders have advanced to the second round of bidding for the Dodgers, so it’s not certain that there’s not other groups still in the running who we don’t know about.

But here’s what we do know so far: Mark Cuban & Dennis Gilbert are each out of the running. While Cuban’s departure will disappoint a lot of Dodger fans, this is hardly a surprise, since he’s been saying for a while that he placed a certain value on the Dodgers and likely wouldn’t be tossing out numbers above a billion dollars. Gilbert missing out is a bit more newsworthy, since he’s been rumored to be a serious bidder for years and I came away with a largely positive impression when I took an initial look at the bidders earlier this month, but with the dollar figures skyrocketing it’s quite possible he could keep up. (Or it could be what Peter Gammons is reporting, that Frank McCourt would never have selected Gilbert due to his relationship with Bud Selig.)

As for the eight survivors…

1) Magic Johnson/Stan Kasten/Mark Walter
2) Joe Torre/Rick Caruso
3) Steven Cohen (1-3 via Bill Shaikin in the Times)
4) Stanley Gold/Roy Disney
5) Peter O’Malley
6) Stan Kroenke (4-6 via Shaikin on Twitter)
7) Leo Hindery/Marc Utay (according to Wall Street Journal, via Dodger Thoughts)
8) Josh Macciello?? (perhaps – according to Macciello’s own Twitter)

Of course, it’s hardly as simple as that. We haven’t heard anything about some of the other groups, like the Orel Hershisher/Steve Garvey pairing, or Alan Casden, or Ron Burkle, or a few others, so since all we know is “at least eight” they could still be in. (And we’re just guessing about Macciello at the moment). Besides, even if these are the eight, they won’t all stay exactly as they are. We’ve already heard rumors that the O’Malley group might join the Gold/Disney team, and it’s still possible that Patrick Soon-Shiong or someone like him joins a group to add some financial muscle.

So while we’re making progress… there’s still a long way to go over the next two months until April 1, when McCourt has to make a choice. For the moment, I favor the Magic Johnson group over the others, with the Cohen, O’Malley, and Torre groups all having significant flaws in my eyes.


Ghosts of Dodgers past: two of my least favorite Dodgers of recent years, Ryan Theriot and Juan Pierre, have found new homes. Theriot collects $1.25m to join the San Francisco infield, even though he can’t really hit or play shortstop anymore, and Pierre landed with the Phillies on a minor-league deal, even though he’s a poor fit for them despite the zero-risk deal he received. Fun fact: over the last two seasons with the White Sox, Pierre has a .277 batting average along with a .335 OBP and a 71.5 % success rate on stolen base attempts. In 2005-06, two seasons immediately preceding his arrival in Los Angeles, he had a .284 batting average to go with a .328 OBP and a 75.6% on steals. One of those two-year stretches earned him a non-roster invite to big league camp, and one earned him a five-year, $44m contract. And you wonder why the idea of a Joe Torre ownership, one that would potentially retain Ned Colletti, scares me?



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  1. Couldn’t have said it better regarding Torre ownership. Sad to see that, as Torre used to be known as a relatively pragmatic guy who bridged the old and new school

  2. I was really hoping Gilbert would be the one to buy the team. Nothing to do at this point but pray that Johnson, Kausten, and Walter are the ones to buy the team. And that whoever buys the team fires Colletti.

    • +1

  3. Dissapointed Gilbert is out. I feel like pretty much have to root for Magic, now.

  4. I want to know how much Macciello bid. I expected Selig to laugh him and his gold mines out of the room.

    • Me too. I still don’t entirely trust him but I’ll be fascinated to see if he actually got to the second round.

      • Judging by their tweets, and lack of same, Bill Shaikin doesn’t take him seriously. I haven’t seen Shaikin be wrong about anything yet.

        • I’m as skeptical of him as anybody (though there’s a huge, somewhat inexplicable part of me that’s rooting for him), but it could be that Shaikin just doesn’t know what to make of him and doesn’t want to dismiss him without knowing for sure that he’s full of it.

          • It’s a publicity stunt, perhaps a ego stoke at best, and it’s one that’s hardly worth time or print. Obviously.

            • You’re probably right, but I have to disagree on the “obviously” aspect. Nothing about this guy is obvious.

              • Maybe not obvious, that’s fair. He’s eccentric, to be sure, but seemingly as transparent as he is unprecedented and ambitious.

  5. I wasn’t really following the Dodgers that closely at that point, so could anyone tell me what the rationale was for the Pierre contract?

    • A guy on the TBLA site always answers, “Because Ned is dumbpants.” Pretty much sums it up right there.

      • ^^This.^^

      • That was me Dude! :)

        • Haha – sorry I couldn’t remember specifically, but that succinct explanation sums him up perfectly, without sounding bitter like me ;-)

          • I am curious….the year before the Dodgers signed Pierre, at age 28 he had 3.3 WAR for the Cubs. Now, I am no Colletti fan, but, in terms of dollars, what is a 3.3 WAR worth? Seems to me I read somewhere that each point is worth $5 million.

            • fangraphs WAR is much kinder to Pierre than baseball-reference WAR, to the point that fangraphs has him as being worth twice as much over his career (26.8 fWAR vs. 13.6 rWAR). According to baseball reference, 5/44 is exorbitant for a player with his track record with no upside exiting his prime. Fangraphs gives him a lot of credit for his defense and baserunning, but those things are hard to measure, and are things the market typically undervalues, which says to me that we should have been able to have him for less. Lastly, I don’t see how giving five years to a non-impact player could be a good idea.

              • Thanks. But Baseball Reference is where I saw the 3.3 WAR. I do agree that 5 years seems long, but isn’t that the length that most players are looking for? Though I agree that Pierre wasn’t, and isn’t worth that kind of money, I think there are lot worse Colletti contracts than that one. Pierre showed up everyday, kept his mouth shut, scored 96 runs, stole 64 bases and then got benched for his efforts. Yeah, he wasn’t as good as he was in Chicago, but what offensive player comes to L.A. and actually gets better?

    • Hustler, won a world series, leadoff man, good intangibles. We have this Kemp kid, but we’re not sure if he’ll make it.

      • J.D. Drew said that he wouldn’t opt out of his contract, but later changed his mind and was signed by the Red Sox immediately. That left the Dodgers with a hole in the outfield and there weren’t many options left besides Pierre. They really needed power at the time and ended up signing Pierre so there was no chance at all that the fans would embrace him. Not to mention the huge contract that he signed.

    • Ned Colletti has a GM version of Tourette’s Syndrome wherein he keeps upping the ante even after the usually used-up player agrees.

      And considering how Torre had to have hated Ned for sticking him with Andruw, expecting him to bat cleanup hitting .156 to justify his gawdoffal salary, i do not believe Torre would keep Ned on. In fact, before Ned’s let go Torre may first want to subject him to extraordinary rendition in the empty Dodger vault.

      • Andruw is a great mystery to the world. He should be a hall of famer, so the fact that he would sink below replacement level as soon as we get him is still unbelievable to me.

  6. Is it possible that the team could be sold before April 1st?

    • April 1 is just the deadline for the winner to be announced, the sale doesn’t have to be completed until April 30. It’s possible it could be quicker, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      • Since we’re into the second round of bidding already, my hope if not complete expectation is that the new guy is announced by the time pitchers and catchers report, in about 3 weeks. If not Super Bowl Sunday.

        If you think about it, the guy who really wants it more than anyone else is going to bid way more than even the runner-up to make sure of it. It could be that clear-cut, that soon, so that even McCourt goes, “Oh, well, this is it” when he opens the envelope.

  7. The last couple sentences are the most interesting part. Really shows you how ridiculous Ned is. But it is kind of strange that, if I recall accurately, the Dodgers weren’t Juan’s only suitor. Probably the only ones offering the money that they did, but other GMs were willing to offer big money. This off season, none. Weird.

    • Pierre being 34 doesn’t help, but also there’s a lot fewer stupid GMs in the game than there used to be.

  8. ” Juan’s ability to hit combined with his speed make him a perfect catalyst for our lineup,” said general manager Ned Colletti. “His work ethic and character are second-to-none and he knows what it takes to win. He’s dedicated to the community and I truly believe the city of Los Angeles is going to love this player.”
    I love that “truly”

  9. below is from in the late fall of 2006:

    The Juan Pierre deal remains a head-scratcher, but a set of unusual circumstances help explain the Dodgers’ signing of the free-agent center fielder to a five-year contract worth approximately $44 million.

    The Dodgers originally offered Pierre four years and $36 million, according to a major-league source, and went to five years only after getting told that another club – believed to be the Giants – had made a similar four-year proposal.

    • Just gets better…

  10. Garvey is out, according to Bill Shaikin’s Twitter.

  11. Eck – at least we’re not the Mets. They owe half their payroll in Ponzi fines. But could be us if SAC wins the bidding.

  12. I have been following Josh for several weeks watching, reading and listening to several interviews and articles…You have my vote.. Go Josh!!!

  13. Garvey out? Best news of the day. Bettter news would be “Torre is out”

    The new owner needs to have at least $1.5 billion in cash. Any debt used to acquire the Dodgers will just be used to allow the new owner to have cash left over for use in the new Cable channel and the real estate development, where the real value in this deal actually exists.

  14. I predict that the Joe Torre group will be the next owners of the Dodgers. It’s just a very strong feeling I have that the fix is already in, and that Ned will stay on as GM.

    • Me too but i don’t wanna get anyone down….

  15. […] hear more details on the (at least) eight bidders who proceeded to the second round, Bill Shaikin notes that one of the eight has a substantial new partner. Tom Barrack, a Santa Monica investment banker, […]

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