Winter Meetings Day Four: Rule 5, MacDougal, & Court Battles (Updated)

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Update, 9:39am PT:

After what seems like weeks, we finally have confirmation that the Aaron Harang signing is official. Dylan Hernandez reports that he’ll make $3m in 2012 and $7m in 2013; there’s a $2m buyout of a 2014 vesting option. That’s right: next year, you can look forward to paying Aaron Harang seven million dollars. As Eric Stephen sadly notes, the club is now lined up to pay Harang, Chris Capuano, Ted Lilly, Matt Guerrier, Juan Uribe, Mark Ellis, & Jerry Hairston $47.25 million in 2013. Unbelievable.

Update, 8:50am PT:

We now know the second player coming from Baltimore, outfielder Tyler Henson. He turns 24 in a week and in parts of five seasons on the farm, his line is .263/.322/.387; last year, his first at Triple-A, was less than that, at .247/.313/.321 and three homers in 498 plate appearances. LiK. Martin, he appears to be a toolsy player (was recruited to play football out of college) who has shown little indication of ever translating that to performance. Again, though, it’s Dana Eveland, so this is free talent.

Update, 8:17am PT:

Coming back from Baltimore for Eveland is LHP Jarret Martin and a player to be named later. Martin’s 22, was an 18th-round pick in 2009, and has had a rough go of it in two seasons in the low minors, walking 5.9/9. The results haven’t been there, but the reports are somewhat promising.

John Sickels, Minor League Ball, March 2011:

SLEEPER ALERT!! Martin was selected in the 18th round in 2009, from Bakersfield Junior College. He has a sinking fastball in the low 90s that helped him post a 2.03 GO/AO last year in the Appy League. He also has a promising curveball, and the combination of the two pitches throttled left-handed hitters to a .188 mark for Bluefield. His K/IP and H/IP ratios were quite good, but he also walked too many guys, elevating his ERA. I am intrigued with this one; if Martin can sharpen his command even slightly, he could break out in 2011. Grade C, but a sleeper.
ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Good size and some arm strength here, plus I like the combination of strikeouts and ground balls. As stated, he needs to get the walks down, but any progress in that department could take him a long way. Sources who follow the Orioles closely are quite intrigued with him.

Orioles Nation, October 2010:

Martin, 21, has undoubtedly good stuff, striking out 68 batters in 59.2 innings while holding them to a .204 batting average. He attacks hitters with a low 90′s fastball with some sink and run, which is backed up by two above-average secondaries in a curveball and changeup.

When you look at his stats, the only thing that jumps out in a bad way are the walks. Martin needs to find a more consistent release point in order to throw more strikes. His stuff is so dominating that he was able to find success despite the control problems (6.9 BB/9).

I don’t expect Martin to ever amount to anything, but it hardly matters. A fringy prospect and a player to be named for Dana F’ing Eveland, who was likely to be non-tendered next week anyway? Hell yes, I’ll take that.

Update, 7:51am PT:

Jon Morosi reporting Baltimore has acquired Dana Eveland from the Dodgers. No word yet on what’s coming in return – not much, surely – but the simple entertainment in the fact that the O’s would give up absolutely anything for Eveland is value enough.

Original post:

It’s been a fun week, yet as the Winter Meetings come to an end today, I have to say I’m relieved. Sure, all the rumors make this an incredibly interesting time of year, and I certainly can’t complain about the extra site traffic, yet the entire thing can be exhausting. Still, there’s a few items on the table for today to get us started, and I’ll update as needed.

* In a little less than an hour (10am ET / 7am PT) the Rule 5 draft will begin. The Dodgers aren’t expected to make any selections, though it’ll be interesting to see if they lose anyone, like Cole St. Clair, Kyle Russell, or Gorman Erickson.

* Once again, we don’t have to worry about Logan White leaving for another team; the Astros have hired former Cardinals exec Jeff Luhnow as their new general manager.

* Despite all the fun we had trying to figure out who the bat was that Ned Colletti may have been interested in, Dylan Hernandez reports that the deal is dead. I can’t confirm this, but Tony Jackson was reportedly on ESPN Radio guessing that the target may have been Jed Lowrie or Emilio Bonifacio. I’ve long liked Lowrie, though I’m not sure how yet another infielder would have fit. Doesn’t matter now, I guess.

* Confirming our worst fears, Jackson also reports that the Dodgers are still extremely interested in Mike MacDougal. You all know my feelings on this by now – though if anyone else brings up his shiny 2.05 ERA as an indicator of any skill again I’m going to scream – and I don’t mind him returning… on a minor-league deal. It’s the two-year deal he’ll probably receive that’ll push me over the edge.

* Wow:

Dodgers first baseman James Loney was arrested last month in Los Angeles after crashing his Maserati into three cars and spitting at an officer, but was not charged with a crime, according to a police report obtained by

A spokesman said the club was aware of the incident and was looking into it. A representative for Loney could not be reached.

Loney, 27, was arrested Nov. 14 after hitting a Toyota, Mercedes and Mini around 6 p.m. PT. When officers arrived on the scene of the accident, according to the report, Loney was handcuffed and taken to a hospital for breathalyzer and blood tests, which were negative for drugs and alcohol.

However, during the tests and according to the report, Loney was uncooperative and became “aggressive,” spitting the mouthpiece at an officer. He was placed in arm and leg restraints and given an injection by hospital staff to calm him. The Los Angeles city attorney will decide if Loney will be charged in the incident.

That certainly doesn’t sound good, though I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to the story. I doubt it’ll change the near-certainty that he gets tendered on Monday.

* Finally, with all of the player movement this week, we’ve really been neglecting the most important story of all, the continued legal battle between Frank McCourt and FOX. Thanks to the tireless reporting of Bill Shaikin, we’ve learned that McCourt must have an agreement to sell the team by April 30 (good news), that he could still retain rights to the parking lots around the stadium (bad news) and that the hearings which continue today in a Delaware courtroom about re-opening TV rights appear to be headed heavily against FOX and for McCourt (worse news). Much more on this as the dust settles.



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  1. Maybe spitting at a police officer is not be a crime when excessive force or racist comments can be proven.

    Is Sands the new starting 1B in 2012?

  2. According to MLB Trade Rumors, teams are balking at giving Fielder a 6 or 7 year deal. I know this will never happen, but this actually isn’t too bad of an opening for the Dodgers to sign him. Non-tender Loney and sign Fielder to a 6 or 7 year backloaded deal (in the same manner as Kemp’s though not for as much overall money). I think Boras may have been hinting that Fielder wants to play in Los Angeles when he said “the city [of Los Angeles] is waiting for the return of the Dodgers” AND he called the Dodgers a storied sports team. That sounds to me like a hint to Colletti that Fielder wants to play for the Dodgers.

    • Maybe. It mostly sounds to me like Boras isn’t quite getting the market he wanted and is trying to drum up more interest from other teams. Sadly, the Dodgers wasted all their money on the new collection of mediocre vets and seem pretty tapped out.

      • Though I’ll add, it doesn’t HAVE to be Fielder. If this incident prompts the Dodgers to cut Loney (unlikely, but possible), it could also be Carlos Pena or someone else out there. Thinking outside the box, maybe even get Carlos Beltran and move Sands/Rivera to 1B. Not ideal, or even likely. But possible.

        • Any one of those scenarios would be preferable to loney in my opinion.

          • Seconded

    • Fielder, Boras and I all want him to play 1B for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Go Blue!

  3. If McCourt somehow manages to hang on to the parking lots (or any of the Dodgers entities), I’ll never step foot in that stadium again. Period.

    • Take a bus to Chavez Ravine from downtown, take a leak in the parking lot, spelling McCourt, and then enjoy beautiful Dodgers baseball, take a leak in the parking lot before leaving, and catch the bus back to downtown LA, and drive your car home. Go Blue!

      • Just park on Academy and walk into the Stadium. My friends and I never pay for parking. Who out there couldn’t use a little extra exercise anyway? I know I could.

        • That’s a good plan, and since I always park as near to the gates as possible for a quick getaway, it’s probably not even a much longer walk.

    • There are free shuttles from Union station, so you can just get to any public transportation that gets you there and not have to pay McCourt a dime.

  4. Sure seems out of character for what we’ve seen and heard from Loney all these years!

    • I agree. Though the whole thing just sounds so bizarre and shady that there has to be more to it. I don’t want to rush to crucify him if it turns out there’s some medical condition we’re not aware of.

      • LAPD + Minor Celebrity = bad news. I don’t believe that story for a second, especially if he didn’t test positive for drugs or alcohol. The cops report really doesn’t make sense, and I feel like there is something missing. This happening to Loney is a real shock honestly, there has to be more to this story.

    • Yeah, from everything I’ve ever seen of him, Loney seems like an extremely even-tempered person, like the kind of person who you couldn’t get a reaction from if you tried. I’d be surprised to hear any player apart from Zambrano had to be restrained and sedated in an altercation with police, but Loney is a player where it seems so unbelievable that I actually don’t believe it.

  5. Roid rage from Loney? Look for 25+HRs this year.

  6. Cannot believe how much money Pujols just picked up from the Angels.

    • Crazy. Would make it even that much better if the Dodgers got Fielder. Obviously not going to happen, just would be fun having both in L.A.

      • Makes me wonder what this does to Fielder’s market, though. Hard to think he’ll want to accept $80m less than Pujols, and even that would be $170m.

        • Actually, I wonder what this does for the Morales (or Trumbo) trade market. Either of those two would look great in blue. I bet Fielder goes to St. Louis for about $190 million.

          • I’d dig Morales. No idea if he’s healthy though. Trumbo scares me because this team doesn’t need any more guys who can’t get on base.

          • Yeah but he is young and hit bommmbbbsss

        • Here’s something interesting: the Dodgers will pay Mark Ellis, Juan Rivera, Adam Kennedy, Aaron Harang, Chris Capuano, and Jerry Hairston a combined $16.05 million in 2012, and that’s probably exactly what Pujols is going to make.

      • Unbelievable. Pujols AND Wilson. This is just plain embarrassing. The Dodgers are supposed to be number one in SoCal, no the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This could have been the Dodgers if not for goddam McCourt and Colletti.

        • paying 300 million dollars to two players isn’t something I want the Dodgers to do. Retaining Kemp and Kershaw and other home grown players is vital to the Dodgers at this point.

          These deals could easily become bad.

        • This is pretty embarrasing, I did prefer Pujols over fielder at the begining of the offseason, but at 10 years no way. Still we are suposed to be the Yankees of the biggest city on the west coast and the angels are suposed to be the mets. That has now been flipped on it’s ear. We are officially Mets West, we’ve even got our own Omar Minaya, who I long considdere the worst GM of the last decade, well maybe second worse. I’m not saying I would want either Pujols or Wilson for what the angels signed them for, but when your closest geographical rival gets the best hitter ard arguably the best pitcher on the market and all you have to come back with is capuano and Aaron f’ing harang you better not wonder where all your fans are come opening day, they’re 50 miles down the 5 watching a real major league team. Coletti is almost backed into a corner now forcing him to get some sort of name (please god not ARam) to avert a total PR disaster and a mass mutiny of the causal fan base that probably acounts for 80% of revinue from fans. Fielder and Darvish are ablout the only thing the Dodgers could do to make this right with the casual fans. Trade Eithier or Bills, non tender loney backload the deal and get this done Ned. I don’t know about the rest of you but if all we have to show for this offseason is capuano and harang, I’m not spending one cent on the dodgers. My fiancee’s family are angel fans, and they’ve got some damn good season tickets, 10th row right behind first base (tickets which I immagine are now worth aproximitely 4 billion times more than they were yesterday). I’m not saying I’m gonna become an angel fan or even root for them (probably won’t wear my dodger hat as I usually do though, I’d be too embarrased, and that is a sad statement right there) but if I get the urge to watch some live baseball next year I’m sure as hell not going to dodger stadium to watch the giant piece of crap that Ned has assembled around Kemp and Kershaw when there’s a real MLB team that you know, gives a crap about their fans, just down the 5 freeway. Forget not spending money, I may not even give this team any tiny bit extra of tv raitings until Ned and frank are gone AND the new owner proves he gives a shit.

    • Vlad Guerrero Part Two (although I guess we never had a chance at Pujols)

    • Pujols got $72 million MORE than Moreno paid to buy the team.

  7. I’m intrigued by Carlos Beltran now. Short term contract makes sense, and you could move Either to left

    • Yeah, his market has been really slow so far.

      • Wait, Carlos Beltran can’t play the infield can he?

      • I suspect he’ll be getting a lot of interest from a Cardinals team now flush with spendin’ money and a hole in the OF from Berkman getting shifted to first.

    • Dodgers need to trade Ethier as soon as that joker gets on a hitting streak and starts raking this upcoming season. Hopefully some of these godawful offseason moves were made with an eventual Ethier trade in mind.

  8. Dodgers just traded Dana Eveland to Orioles.

    • PTBNL?

    • For a couple of “bats” that ned was referring to? A louisville and a bat to be named later?

      • I’m guessing that it’s just to clear 40-man space so the return would be a minor leaguer… but who knows.

        • I don’t care what the return is as long as it’s not an utility infielder.

        • MiLB player + player to be named later. Why trade Eveland, so should have been the sixth SP? Go Blue!

    • I’m going to miss Mike saying , “Dana Eveland doing Dana Eveland things.”

      • That’s what Adam Kennedy is for!

  9. Oh, come on, Angels get CJ Wilson now too? What is wrong with the world when the Angels pay two guys more than the Dodgers pay the entire roster?

    • It’s MLB, with deep pocket big boy owners, like it should be. Southern California teams generate hundreds of millions of dollars each season, as baseball is beloved in LA and the OC.
      Can’t wait, can’t wait until the Dodgers have a MLB owner. Go Blue!

      • Don’t call it that.

        • Southern California, home of the Dodgers. Go Blue!

    • The Angels operate like a #2 big-market team; the Dodgers…not so much…

    • It’s truly just embarrassing to the Dodgers. They used to be the undisputed number one team in LA, really in all of SoCal. Now they’re a joke, a laughingstock while the LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF GODDAM ANAHEIM steal their by actually being competitive. I used to love Pujols, but I can’t help but feel bitter towards him now, partially for going to the Angels but mostly for leaving the Cardinals. He could have been the greatest Cardinal of all-time, even better than Musial. Now he’s just another player who left for a bigger contract. Whatever happened to the days when star players stayed with one team their whole careers? There are only 12 players in MLB right now who have spent their whole careers with one team for at least ten season. Pujols and Buehrle were on that list but now are gone. Cuddyer and Rollins are there too, they could be taken off this offseason. And do you know what team has 3 of the twelve? The Yankees, a team who can pay its players millions of dollars as an afterthought. Thank God for Colletti extending Kemp, for the first time in a long time the Dodgers will have a true franchise player to build a team around, two when they extend Kershaw. It’s things like this that just make me mad at baseball players, its only marginally better in my eyes than guys like Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony in the NBA who ask for trades because they want to play in the spotlight in New York or LA. It makes me sick.

      • don’t take it so personal, it’s just sports.

        • Yeah, I know, but it really just frustrates me especially since Pujols has been my favorite player since he broke into the league, the reason being that my grandpa was a big Cardinals fan so I’ve always followed them and liked them. To me, he IS the Cardinals, but no more. Thankfully this won’t be happening with Kemp, at least not until he’s 35 or so.

          • Arte made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I wish someone would back the money truck up to my house.

        • You were running around like a little girl when the Marlins won their World Series; but it’s just sports.
          Go Blue!

      • Sorry but no, players much like other workers were exploited for a long time, time for them to get paid! The reason they stayed with one team was because they had to with the reserve clause, or like you say the Yankees overpay them. Also i would not have liked to see the Dodgers make those deals for what they are.

        • I’m not saying I would have wanted the Dodgers to sign those guys at those prices, just that it’s pathetic that the Angels with an incredibly small market can and the Dodgers, with the largest market on the west coast, can’t. And I realize that players were somewhat exploited to be forced to stay with one team, but I would argue that it hurts fanbases and baseball in general when a star player moves from one city to another, particularly a guy like Pujols. Just think what would happen in Milwuakee next year if they didn’t have Braun, their fan base would lose interest without a star like Fielder.

          • Hang on a second, I’d love to hear how the Angels have an “incredibly small market” while the Dodgers have the “largest market on the west coast”. It’s basically the same market.

          • In theory, the Angels have an incredibly small market. I realize its not strictly true but it definitely is true that the Dodgers should have a larger market since they are actually IN Los Angeles, the biggest city in the country.

          • But isn’t that a bit narrow? It’s like saying that the Yankees only have a market within NYC, ignoring the millions of people in New Jersey.

          • Ignoring the millions of people in New Jersey seems like a very good idea…

            • Aww

          • I realize that there is a lot of area for the Angels to draw fans from, but they have always been a bit of a small market team. Heck, the whole reason they changed their name was so people would associate them with LA and root for them even though they aren’t even close to being in Los Angeles. Because the fact remains that even if the Angels are considered a large market team, the Dodgers should have a much larger fanbase because they are based in Los Angeles, not to mention they draw fans from the surrounding area which Anaheim doesn’t cover.

          • I think the reference was there always was way more Dodgers fans compared to Angel fans, a larger market. To Arte’s credit and the disaster that is Frank McCourt it seems there are more Angel fans than ever before. It just shows a well run organization that caters to the fan experience at the stadium can produce a solid product on the field.

  10. Perhaps this is the new Loney — which may bode well for next season.

    • If Loney doesn’t hit 20-25 taters next year, there’s no reason to keep him around for another.

  11. Updated with info on Jarret Martin.

  12. I wonder at how Ned has been able to make these turn nothing into something trades (Eveland for minor leaguers, Theriot for Hawksworth, Pierre for Ely and Link) so often, but be completely inept at pretty much everything else.

    • Someone else has to be negotiating these “lower level” trades. Uncle Ned sticks to the big time trades where he can show time and time again how clueless he is.

      • nice

  13. The Angels are taking a HUGE risk with Pujols’ contract. Signed until age 42 and there is no guarantee he will be a good DH. They can have both him and Wilson, I rather we concentrate on our young player development than handing out what could be costly guaranteed veteran contracts (I know, I know but at least they all end after 2013). Plus, if they can keep NYY and BOS out of the WS every year it’ll be worth it.

  14. Just heard this: Angels sign Fielder and a unicorn!

  15. Updated with info on Tyler Henson.

  16. The worst part of the CJ Wilson thing is listening to him right now on SportsCenter, saying he wanted to play in Los Angeles, but would have liked the National League better. But since the Dodgers ownership is in flux, he didn’t want to even bother after going through that similar situation with Texas.

    But hey, we got Harang.

    • The CJ Wilson contract is foolish. For that matter, so is Pujols. I’d rather pay Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw.

      • so would the Angels but they were not available.

        • Damn straight. McCourt and all his ghosts should be gone long before Kershaw hits free agency. Hopefully my worst fears of seeing him in another uniform will never come to fruition.

  17. I would absolve Ned of everything this offseason if he can wrangle Kendry(s).

    Not really, but you get the point.

    • How about a resignation letter?

  18. I love that Dylan Hernandez actually takes the time to clarify that the Dodgers won’t be bidding on Yu Darvish. As if Colletti would sign anyone other than middle infielders and aging veteran pitchers.

  19. Harangutan contract official. 2 yrs $12 million with a mutual/vesting option for 2014.

    • Updated with this info.

      • So in 2013, Harang, Capuano, Lily, Guerrier, Uribe, Ellis, and Hairston are going to earn the equivalent of HALF of this years projected payroll? Wonderful. The next owner and GM will be cleaning up this mess for a long time.

      • The 2014 option in Harang’s contract is guaranteed under conditions that will be met imo as per “Harang will be paid $3 million next season and $7 million in 2013. The contract includes an $8-million option for 2014 that can be bought out for $2 million.

        Harang could guarantee the third year of the deal by pitching 360 innings over the next two seasons, including 175 in 2013. If the option vests, it could be worth anywhere from $7 million to $8 million, depending on the number of innings he pitches.”

  20. “…club is now lined up to pay Harang, Chris Capuano, Ted Lilly, Matt Guerrier, Juan Uribe, Mark Ellis, & Jerry Hairston $47.25 million in 2013.”

    Or slightly more than the three year average of the padres entire payroll.

  21. More good news: The tigers signed Octavio Dotel, so Ned can’t acquire him until June.

  22. Eveland is the best trade Ned has ever made.

    The Angels show Ned how to acquire real depth.

    Maybe Loney’s car was a stick shift and his accident is indication that he can not coordinate 2 hands with 1 leg.

    • Stupid trading Eveland, who at least is MLB SP depth. Go Blue!

      • Nah. He was about to be non-tendered anyway. Getting anything at all from him is a win.

        • He could have pitched in NM, and been the sixth or seventh SP that every MLB team likely needs each season, and he is a LH SP. What is going to be his salary, 1-2M? Worth it, as this is MLB. Go Blue!

          • When he got non-tendered, he would have been a free agent.

          • Dodgers traded a dollar for two pennies. Go Blue!

          • Eveland did not have to be non-tendered, unlike Kuo, who has to be non-tendered.
            What a difference two seasons can make for Kuo. Good luck to Kuo. Eveland could have been arbitrated to a salary which every team could afford, as he can start in MLB, and have some success. Go Blue!

          • But he was GOING to be non-tendered. No reason to guarantee him a major league salary in 2012, which they did not do in 2011.

          • Eveland did not have to be non-tendered. Let’s just see how he does from here on out, as he is still a 28 yo MLB LH SP whom had some success in 2011 with the Dodgers, and for what it is worth, was a AAA All-star in 2011 with the Isotopes. The Dodgers did not have to non-tender him, they could have easily DFA Troncoso for the roster spot for Harang, and arbitrated Eveland for, what, about 1M? The MiLB P the Dodgers traded for is young, but had 8 or 9 errors in his 30 + games this season in A ball. That does not even qualify for a competitive HS team. Go Blue!

          • There’s a reason Eveland’s been on about 8 teams in the last 4 years. He’s just not that good. With Eovaldi, Ely, Webster, later de la Rosa, and a random veteran they’ll surely sign just like Eveland, there’s no reason to dedicate a roster spot to him.

          • Mike, I really do understand that Dana Eveland is likely nothing more than MLB SP depth, but he could become something more, just like prospects do in MiLB. There is no reason to have Troncoso, Fife, Treanor, Kennedy and Oeltjen on the Dodgers 40 man roster, or any other MLB roster for that matter. None of the Ps you mentioned are LH SPs, nor have had any, or very little success, in MLB thus far. IMO I liked Kuroda and either Eveland or Eovaldi (or a Dodgers MiLB P like Webster or Withrow) instead of Capuano and Harang, especially for two years. TBD, just like with everyone, how Eveland pitches in the future. The Dodgers traded him for two players whom look like they will never become MLB players. Why not just trade Ethier for ten MiLB players whom will very likely never play MLB, just to save a roster spot and money. I liked how Eveland pitched for ALB and LA last season, and IF he were tendered, he could have been right back in NM as our likely first available LH SP as an injury replacement. Happy holidays Mike; great Dodgers blog. Go Blue!

  23. Angels to obtain new tv contract soon. Looking forward to what the Dodgers will do with a new owner and a new tv contract in the years to come.

  24. Mike MacDougal, with his awesome ERA last season, brings added value as a switch-hitter whom could also lead the Dodgers Ps in fielding practice. I see why LA will not resign Saito now. Go Blue!

  25. IM gonna luagh so hard when the Angels become the Red Sox of 2012

    • You mean, a really really good team that wins 90+games?

      (I know what you meant, of course.)

      • I know I know ha ha ha

  26. I guess the Dodgers didn’t have money for Kuroda this year after all. Wow those backloaded 2 year deals really are crazy!

  27. This is how the Cards come out on top: Sign Prince Fielder. Same player, just younger and cheaper?

    • I kind of like the idea of the Cubs signing Prince, thus giving Cards fans a double “eff you”.

      • At least Pujols didn’t go to the Cubs, the city of St. Louis might be rioting right now if he had.

      • I’m enjoying the fact that if Fielder signs with the Mariners, he and Pujols will still play in the same division. And moreover, in 2013, they’ll both still be crushing the Astros.

        • That’s my favorite part. The Astros go so far as to switch leagues and they STILL can’t escape Pujols.

  28. until the ownership situation is resolved, i figured this would be a lousy off-season for the dodgers. i doubt 2012 will be any worse than 2011. look at it this way: yeah it blows the dodgers couldn’t get in on all the exciting and fun and sexy free-agent deals, but do you really want pujols riding the bench at some point? no. i had a feeling he’d be going to an AL team so he could be a DH at some point in his career. remember when manny was complaining about his legs before he was traded to the white sox? that’s a headache LA doesn’t need.

  29. I don’t have a problem with signing Harang or signing Capuano; they’re both decent pitchers who could fit into the #4 or #5 spot on most teams’ starting rotations. I have a problem with letting Hiroki Kuroda walk away. A rotation of Kershaw, Kuroda, Billingsley, Lilly, and either Harang or Capuano would have been nice.

    The rest of the offseason changes have basically been treading water (Hairston for Carroll, Kennedy for Miles, M. Ellis for Blake, A.J. Ellis/Treanor for Barajas/A.J. Ellis).

  30. Not that our GM would ever do anything smart, but now that Albert signed with the angles, why not send them Chris Withrow and Josh Lindblom from a now blocked and currently injured Kendry Morales….non-tendering Loney saves about 6 million and Morales, although questionable for opening day won’t see too much north of 3 million in his second year of arb (i think) Yes he is injured but even while injured last year put up power numbers in 193 ABs that Loney took all year to generate… could easily play Sands at 1B until he is ready….Lindblom definitely gives the Angels more bullpen stability….I’d also like to see Javy Guerra go to the Padres for a switching hitting Chase Headley who puts up good ob% just like Morales

    A line-up of

    SS Dee Gordon L
    2B Mark Ellis R (I’d rather put Ellis hear with the ob% but that will never happen)
    RF Andre Ethier L
    CF Matt Kemp R
    1B Kendry Morales S
    LF Jerry Sands R/Juan Rivera R
    3B Chase Headley S
    C A.J. Ellis R

    looks a lot better and more balanced

    A bench of

    OF Tony Gwynn Jr L
    INF Juan Uribe R
    OF/1B Jerry Sands/Juan Rivera R
    INF Adam Kennedy L
    INF Jerry Hairston Jr. R
    C Matt Treanor R

    appears deeper if anything…obviously 6 guys, one would have to go, not sure who I’d cut or trade….couldn’t be any of the last 4 guys, maybe Gwynn, although his defense is nice to have late in games

    Our Bullpen would be,

    CL Kenley Jansen R
    SU Scott Elbert L
    SU Matt Guerrier R
    MR Mike MacDougal R (because of course they’ll resign him)
    MR Nathan Eovaldi R
    MR Blake Hawksworth R
    SL Mike Antonetti L

    Starting Rotation

    Clayton Kershaw L
    Chad Billingsley R
    Ted Lilly L
    Aaron Harang R
    Chris Capuano L

    not the greatest 2-4 (ugh, wish Kuroda was back, and honestly probably could be if genius Ned had waited a bit and gotten Kendry now with that extra saved money….who knows)

    • Morales hasn’t played since 2010. He had 0 PA’s in 2011. I’m for it if he’s healthy, but it seems questionable.

      • Very interesting, worth considering.

    • I like Matt’s plan under the circumstances. I have been promoting trading for Morales, but I do not think the Angels are ready to let him go. He reportedly needs to prove he can run in game conditions to test his foot. If healthy, I think he will be in the mix for DH/backup 1B and possible OF for the Angels. They are stocked in that area, but I think they feel too highly about him to let him go now.
      If it was a go for Matt’s line up, I certainly would drop Kennedy from the bench. Uribe and Hairston can do all that Kennedy can do . Kennedy has the lefty bat, but with his proficiency (or lack thereof) his lefty bat is not needed

  31. If you want to see something tragically hilarious, go here: Front and center story: “Angels hit it out of the park with Albert Pujols signing.” Immediately below: “Dodgers sign Aaron Harang.” Haven’t stopped ironically laughing yet.

  32. All I can do is look forward to the Colletti-less Dodgers when/if that day ever comes.

    Oh, and I can go to Angel games while I’m waiting.

  33. Ughhh I want to Harang myself…

    I also read that Loney hit his head on the roof of his Maserati and blacked out, so that possibly caused his erratic behavior.

    • Interesting, I saw a variety of Loney reports but hadn’t seen that tidbit. The whole thing is bizarre.

    • “Police reportedly claim that Loney was “restless, unsteady, aggressive and irritable” and sweating profusely at the scene of the crash, which he claimed was caused by another driver.”

      Taken from

      I’m speculating here, but this looks eerily like a diabetic episode. Low blood sugar levels will cause these types of reactions in diabetics. Anyone know more about Loney’s health history? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a Type 1 diabetic. It explains the “injection” he apparently received to calm him down. If this is the case, this is some of the worst reporting I’ve seen in a long time. It’s no surprise that TMZ is credited with “breaking” this story.

  34. i think we shouldn’t tender kuo a contract the add st. clair to the 40 man roster to take his spot and designate troncoso for another spot

    • Kuo won’t be tendered. Since St. Clair made it through the Rule 5 draft, there’s no need to add him yet. If spots are needed, Kuo / Oeltjen / Troncoso are prime targets.

      • well i mean just in case we need more than one left-handed reliever

  35. Angels and Lakers both show up the Dodgers today. The Dodgers are the laughing stock of the City.

    • If they are such a laughingstock then why can’t I stop crying?

    • not to mention the Clippers(!!!) too!

  36. Okay, here’s some fun for the late shift. From

    Colletti said he still needs a right-handed reliever like free agent Mike MacDougal, has his eye on a free agent “professional” left-handed hitter and hasn’t given up on a trade that went from hot to cold in a few hours when the other club filled its need elsewhere.

    We went through the trade options yesterday, but the LH hitter is new. Who do we think? Aaron Miles? Eric Chavez? Aaron Miles? Johnny Damon? Aaron Miles? Wilson Betemit? Rick Ankiel? Aaron Miles?

    • You’re giving Colletti too much credit more likely Brad Hawpe or Eric Hinske. I wonder if Colletti was after Angel Pagan.

      • He also said this:

        We had one with some life to it, but the team filled its need in a different direction and still has the player we like.

        So I’m guessing it wasn’t a player who was actually traded, like Pagan. Who filled needs this week? That’s a whole post unto itself. Guessing Anaheim’s plan B wasn’t trading for Loney. Maybe sending the Mets or Jays bullpen help?

        • Boston needs bullpen help they’re after Bailey, I wonder what they would give up for Guerra?

        • Florida picked up Buehrle about the same time the deal went dead, right?

        • It was Daniel Murphy, who would be a nice pick up.

  37. Detroit also signed Dotel maybe something was cooking for Raburn.

  38. So opposing players in last year’s world series become teammates the very next season for a totally different team. Anyone remember this having ever happened before?

  39. Apparently according to Ken Gurnick – the mystery LH bat professional hitter was Daniel Murphy of the Mets – it fits with the collections of statements made about the mystery deal.

    Ken Gurnick says that for Colletti still has “Unfinished business: The club wants to restart talks with the Mets for Daniel Murphy. “

    • since the mets wanted pitching, who do you think was going to trade?

      • who did you think he was going to trade*

    • Daniel Murphy replaces Aaron Miles: LHH 2B & 3B, getting 350+ ABs, really? Go Blue!

  40. Luckily, is still around, so we can all rest easy knowing that…wait…what?

  41. I think the two most likely scenarios are diabetic episode or concussion caused by the crash. Either way I would be worried about him. Definitely out of character for a player who is pretty much a good guy.

  42. […] but obviously, Kemp’s new mega-deal and Eveland’s trade to Baltimore takes them out of the mix. Let’s look at the other […]

  43. […] last year but spent most of 2011 as Triple-A Norfolk’s center fielder; since the Dodgers already acquired Norfolk’s primary right fielder, Tyler Henson, in the Dana Eveland trade, all they need to do […]

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